You can’t please everybody

A few weeks ago, I saw a young lady wearing a T-shirt with the saying, “I am Who I Am Your Approval Is Not Needed.”  I thought about Galatians 1:10 because when we understand that we don’t need anyone else’s approval to make the right decision if we walk with God. When you seek the approval of others, you will end up carrying that donkey on your back.

An old story tells about an older man who was traveling with a boy and a donkey. As they walked through a village, the man led the donkey, and the boy walked behind. The townspeople said the older man was a fool for not riding, so to please them; he climbed up on the animal’s back. When they came to the next village, the people said the older man was cruel to let the child walk while he enjoyed the ride. So, to please them, he got off, set the boy on the animal’s back and continued on his way.  In the third village, people accused the child of being lazy for making the older man walk, and the suggestion was made that they both ride. So the man climbed on, and they set off again. Finally, they came to a fourth village, and the townspeople were indignant at the cruelty to the donkey because he was made to carry two people. The frustrated man was last seen going down the road carrying the donkey on his back.

As ridiculous as this story sounds, the point made is a good one: You can’t please everybody, and if you live your life trying, you’ll end up carrying the donkey of frustration, the donkey of discouragement and the donkey of indecisiveness.



God, we seek to follow the best course of action here in our lives; we know there will be others who are quick to find fault and offer criticism. However, please give us the strength of character to do what is right in your sight, regardless of what other people do or think. 

“We had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.”  Always do what is right in your heart!