Reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat

Celebrate America Recycles Day throughout November by reducing, reusing, recycling and then repeating the cycle year-round to conserve natural resources. Individuals can follow these steps to do their part:

·       Individuals should consume fewer materials to reduce the amount of waste they generate.  When possible, swap disposable items for reusable options.


·       Reuse, repurpose and repair items instead of throwing them away. Share gently used items with friends, neighbors or give them to a local charity. Repair broken bicycles, technology and other fixable items instead of replacing them.  


·       Recycle materials that cannot be reused, repurposed or repaired. At work, use recycling stations in hallways and corridors throughout the Pentagon and Mark Center. Pentagon tenants can request a recycling bin for their office by calling the building operations command center at (703) 614-1597. At home, individuals should check their community’s recycling policy to confirm what materials can be recycled.


·       Individuals should make reducing, reusing and recycling a habit so that they can repeat this cycle throughout the year, and encourage their colleagues, friends and family to do the same.

For more information, visit the environmental, sustainability and energy branch’s reduce, Reuse, recycle webpage at or email