Screenshot courtesy of Kathy Feehan

Greetings from home office: Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnection

It’s been almost six weeks since most of us from Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall were told to pack up our computers and start working from home because of COVID-19. After a transition period and some initial misgivings, most of us are somewhat used to the drill — and we’re doing well.

However, nothing takes the place of face-to-face communication. Since that’s no longer possible, we’ve learned that video messaging is the next best thing.

At the JBM-HH Public Affairs Office, we’re offering our Facebook page as a way for directorate staff to communicate specific, focused information that explains to customers and other staff members how to access those services that are still available. We’re looking for videos, shot on home computers or telephones, from home, explaining functionality through the telework lens. Because we’re going through unprecedented times with COVID-19, we’re doing everything we can to make the public, internal and external, aware of what we’re doing to maintain normalcy. We also need to let people know what we’re doing in general. Each staff section has a different take on what normal looks like, and a different message to send. For that reason, we would like those of you who have a message to share to send us a brief (one to two minutes maximum) video message directed at the public, with your professional advice and knowledge.

Also, to serve our external and internal audiences who depend on our services, we’ll provide videos that feature subject matter experts explaining what on-post retail establishments are offering and if any changes in services or inventory have occurred.

The first video we have posted comes from our Family Life Program chaplain, Chaplain (Maj.) Bryant Casteel. Workforce development specialist Kathy Feehan speaks for the Directorate of Human Resources in the latest. They’re both great examples of what we’re looking for and they each contain information that people can use for spiritual and professional development, respectively.

You can view the videos at: and

These videos will be posted every Friday by 9 a.m.

What new information do you have to share? What would you be putting out if we were all still in our offices? The point is to show an environment that matches what most of us are in and to show that business does and can continue smoothly.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.