Stressed out? Help is available           

Times are stressful for many people. The COVID-19 virus leads every news announcement and decisions that can affect people’s daily lives are being made in the workplace.

For those who are having a hard time negotiating the changing work environment and ever-looming possibility of work-stoppage or curtailment, help is available.

Military family life counselors are available to help active duty, National Guard and Reserve service members and their ID card holding Family members. They provide nonmedical, short-term counseling to service members and their Families at no cost. On Joint-Base Myer-Henderson Hall one can find them at Army Community Services or Marine Corps Community Services. Additional counseling services are available through Military One Source at (800) 342-9647.

Bet Ramsey and Spring Richardson are associated with the ACS and MCCS teams of counselors, respectively. They are both licensed mental health clinicians who are available for in-person counseling for individuals, couples, Families or groups. Despite current health concerns, they will not be doing any counseling on the telephone.

Counselors can see people on or off post. Sessions are confidential, but are only available for people who are not already in counseling. Counseling is designed to be short term, but counselors can recommend additional resources for those who need longer-term help. They can also offer stress management classes.

Leaders are not unaware that they are putting what might be unprecedented stress on some of their troops. At Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison, 1st Sgt. Dustin Hall expressed his support of Soldiers’ receiving counseling they need.

“One of the often overlooked tools in a leader’s kit are the preventative measures and risk mitigation resources for stress and hardships,” Hall said. “It is a fact that Soldiers will face troubles, and before the problems become seemingly insurmountable, it’s better to put measures in place that will keep things at bay.

“In the Army, the military family life counselors, chaplains, and Army Community Service professionals serve to help Soldiers not only with giant challenges, but with prevention also. Of course commanders, first sergeants and other leaders have a wealth of experience and knowledge which they are always willing to share. The key for the Soldier is to be transparent and humble, then let the community pitch in to do the rest.”

For more information, call MFLC at (571) 733-0251 or (703) 414-9885.

Military One Source is another outlet available at

Military OneSource also provides service members, their Families and survivors access to confidential non-medical counseling on a face-to-face basis in the local community, and also via telephone, secure online chat and video. Moreover, Military OneSource offers financial and tax counseling, specialty consultations (for example, health and wellness coaching, wounded warrior consultations, etc.), educational materials available in a variety of topics and formats, mobile solutions, translation of official documents and simultaneous interpretation in more than 150 languages. Military OneSource, is a call center and a website that provides comprehensive information, referral and assistance on every aspect of military life 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all component members of the Armed Forces, their Family members, and survivors. The Military OneSource program is accessible worldwide via the toll-free telephone number or the website.

By Julia Simpkins

JBM-HH Command Information Officer