Open letter from retiree council

It is no secret that COVID-19 has created challenges for us all in our daily life and work. As a result, your JBM-HH Military Retiree Council now seeks feedback from you to help us submit an informed recommendation to the JBM-HH leadership team regarding the 2020 Retiree Appreciation Day.


To help gain feedback from you, your JBM-HH Military Retiree Council prepared and provided survey cards to be given to military retiree patrons shopping at or visiting facilities on base, namely: The commissary, the Marine Corps Exchange and the AAFES Post Exchange. Again, this initiative is being done in an attempt to get feedback based on a random sampling of your views. The questions asked on the survey cards are as follows:

•             Should the RAD be held: yes or no

•             If it is held, in what form: virtual, teleconference, town hall, limited attendance in the JBM-HH Community Center or specify other forms

•             If not held:  let us know your reasons


We also want to expand our outreach to military retirees and their Family members via this open letter with the hope that those who are able or desire will take time to provide us feedback to the same questions on the survey card via email on or before June 15. Your timely responses will enable us to do our part helping ensure the retiree community, in our area of responsibility by zip code, know the official status of this year’s JBM-HH RAD.


Presently, the RAD is tentatively scheduled to be held Oct. 2. As many of you are aware, the RADs are conducted to help keep retirees and their Family members informed of rights, benefits and privileges and to foster goodwill between the retired and active duty communities. It is also a wonderful occasion to meet old friends and make new ones. RADs are conducted at least annually.


Your retiree council thanks you and your Family members in advance for your timely feedback. Please email your answers NLT June 15, as you are able or desire. Once a decision is made, rest assured you will be informed as soon as possible on or before July 1.


In closing, your JBM-HH Retiree Council is in need of volunteers — we seek your participation.  The council meets quarterly to “provide input to the JBM-HH leadership on significant issues affecting the retiree community and to help the leadership communicate with the retired community.” It is also an excellent venue to network and make new friends. Please know, the council is also interested benefiting from the skills and insights you have that will benefit others.

Feel free to contact the JBM-HH Retire Council communications co-chairs via email at or Your input is appreciated.

By JBM-HH Retiree Council