Unshakeable faith 

A few years ago, I heard a story about a young boy who grew up and left his hometown to seek a better life.

Many years later, he went back home, but nothing there was familiar. He finally remembered the big tree in the front yard because he planted it as a kid. The tree now was old and leaning forward. In the world of the imagination, the tree began to talk to the young man. Since you’ve been gone, a lot has happened to me. Lightening came and struck my bark and left me naked. Tornadoes came and left me leaning, a freeze came and took away many of my branches. Hurricane came and shook my foundation. But I am still here because when you planted me, you dug down deep and left me with strong roots. No matter what came my way, I was able to withstand storms because of my strong roots. That is the way it is with God. When you get connected with God, your roots get more durable and stronger to deal with the different storms of life that will come upon you.

 That is what the psalmist is saying in Psalms 1:3, be like a tree that planted by the river of water. You have to develop some strong roots in the word of God. You have to believe that God's word will get you through. The second thing you have to develop is a prayer life in the sunshine that will carry you through when the rain comes into your life. Third, trust God and have faith, no matter what the circumstance is because God is able. Unshakeable faith can withstand the lightening of heartache, unshakeable faith, can withstand the tornadoes of disappointments, unshakeable faith can withstand the freeze of life problems, unshakable faith can withstand the hurricane of fear.

The next time your faith gets weak remember, you have a firm root to hold onto, and “He will never forsake you.”

By Retired Chaplain (Col.) David Lockhart

Former 7th SC (T) Command Chaplain