The blend

One of my favorite radio stations I listen to while driving is called “The Blend.” The reason I like it so much is that it blends an eclectic choice of songs I mostly enjoy. It is not just one era or type but a blend of hits from different ears and types. It is in the blending that I discover songs I didn't know existed and a new direction of enjoyment.

Now, I don’t necessarily like all the songs played, but I do recognize talent and creativity and give it my respect and admiration. It changes me for the better.

This morning I created a bowl of yogurt and granola. The yogurt was bland, but the granola added a unique and pleasing taste. Without the moist yogurt, the granola was dry and difficult to swallow. Together blended, it was delicious and satisfying.

Blending is all around us in every type and size. We see cars of all makes, models and colors befitting the owner’s taste traveling down the street beside us and away from us to another destination. It would be boring if each car were the same. The same goes for houses, clothing, friendships and faith. In my faith is a blend of my parent’s teachings, other people’s influences, experiences, discoveries and wisdom from age. My faith is a blend creating a unique faith journey just for me. However, it took a variety to make the one.

I have a selection of friends who are different from each other and myself. Their differences are a combination of unique personalities, history with me and gifts that I admire and respect. Their differences add to my life to expand my views, understanding and strength. They are a blend of people who help make me whole.

My father researched our family tree. I am descended from the Irish, English, Native American and a smattering of a few others. I am a blend. Each nationality is a blend as people migrated, traveled, intermarried and assimilated. We are all blends.

We try awfully hard to not be a blend. We try to use skin color, religion, tastes, views and many other categories to segregate ourselves into something falsely unique and different. To some degree, it’s natural but mostly to excess and harm. It is in our blending that we find the right combination that is pleasing, satisfying, enjoyable and strengthening.

Turn your life’s radio to enjoy the blend variety. You will find the music worth traveling too.