Water from the July 11 water main break flows into Arlington National Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Tony Taylor

12-inch water main break affects JBM-HH

On July 11 the 12-inch water main break along the fence line between Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and Arlington National Cemetery was secured by the Directorate of Public Works.

Tony Taylor, the DPW maintenance supervisor, said that the water main break happened around 8 a.m. July 11, which caused buildings on base to experience low water pressure. The phone calls came from all over joint base, a few included Bldgs. 214, 202 and some of the barracks. Water pressure was restored July 11.

Updates from DPW to JBM-HH’s Installation Operation Center said that by Friday buildings in the 300 area did not have water. This occurred due to shutting off the main valve at the pump house in Bldg. 30 in order to stop the flow of water. This allowed water to drain from the site, evaluate the damage and determine repairs and materials needed.

All water was restored to all facilities Friday.

DPW restored all repairs Saturday. All valves that were shut off at the pump house were sustained.