I wander and wonder

Have you ever heard the saying, “Not all who wander are lost?” I can really identify with that. One does not have a definite goal or destination in mind. Just to wander around and discover what you find as a complete surprise is exciting and a great discovery moment. The other night I just stood on my back porch and gazed at the historical juncture of Saturn and Jupiter. However, once I saw it, my eyes started wandering all over the sky marveling at vast universe which I could only see a small portion. 

I would like to offer another saying that is close to the other one, “Not all who wonder are lost.” I’m not talking about doubt but wondering about what if, if only, or if I tried more. To wonder is to imagine possibilities and discovering potential. To wonder is to imagine what could be. It is the first step in doing and achieving greater possibilities that have been left untouched. It is faith taking the next step. 

·        I wonder if I could make this relationship work.

·        I wonder if I can get a better grade on my exam.

·        I wonder if I can have a deeper faith.

·        I wonder if I can forgive.

The list can be whatever you wish where you wonder to be and do better and achieve something that was seemingly too far to reach. The next step is trying.

By Retired Chaplain (Brig. Gen.) Ray Bailey

Former Deputy of Chief of Chaplains