Digital Garrison: here for community

People who have yet to download the Digital Garrison app are missing an invaluable joint base resource. From weather and safety updates to the latest information on services and operations, the Digital Garrison app keeps the community informed.

Installation Management Command’s Commanding General Lt. Gen. Doug Gabram said that while Digital Garrison was created for the Army, anyone who enters Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall might benefit from the readiness tool.

“Digital Garrison delivers valuable information to everyone in the Army community — Soldiers for Life, Family Members, civilian partners and others,” Gabram said. “Capabilities like push notifications, announcements, and real-time gate notifications keep you connected to what’s going on in your community. Download the free app today by searching for Digital Garrison in your app store.”

If people already follow JBM-HH communications, why download another app? This app is different from other joint base resources, said Emily Myers, JBM-HH digital media manager.

“The app is a one-stop shop for Soldiers and their Families to find information about installation facilities and services,” said Myers.

Myers said the app is a unique collaboration of service providers to streamline communications for the customer.

“Digital Garrison is a partnership between the U.S. Army and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. The app is a centralized information source for Army communities, and staying connected as a community is key to readiness and resiliency,” said Myers.

The app can be found in Apple and Google Play stores by searching for Digital Garrison. Once the app is downloaded, people have the option to create their own personalized account and set preferences for notifications and alerts.

Installation management officer Keisha Scott confirmed that joint base employees are approved to download the Digital Garrison app on a government issued cellphone. To download, employees must recall the password created when setting up their phone’s Apple ID. The IMO cannot issue passwords.

In addition to delivering critical alerts, it is the on the go convenience that makes the app so valuable said Ocie Jacobs, JBM-HH directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation marketing manager.

“Digital Garrison is a tool we think our community has been waiting (for)” said Jacobs. “More and more we find ourselves on the move and doing things away from our desktop computers. Digital Garrison keeps all installation news, information, and updates confined to one app on a mobile device.”

Jacobs said that having the app makes joint base resources more accessible than ever before. “(With Digital Garrison) it’s impossible not to have the information you need at your fingertips ... use it once and you’ll see how valuable it is.”

Emily Mihalik

JBM-HH Public Affairs