Graphic by: Emily Mihalik, JBM-HH Public Affairs

Heads up: JBM-HH improvement projects to divert foot traffic

At Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, constant maintenance is required to keep the balance between day-to-day base support requirements of installation facilities and services, while preserving the historical buildings on some of the nation’s oldest active military bases.

“Achieving that balance requires active participation from everyone in the JBM-HH community, from those who live, work and visit here, to our partners outside the joint base,” said Col. Kimberly Peeples, JBM-HH commander.

The first project is installation of additional signage at crosswalks on the base.  Base officials identified locations as high-traffic areas, where pedestrians and other distractions compete for the attention of drivers at crossings.  To increase safety, JBM-HH Directorate of Public Works will install brightly colored warning signs in the middle of the striped portion of the road at three key locations:

- Lee Avenue near the playground,

- McNair Road by Tri-Services Lot A

- Gorgis Road adjacent to the Consolidated Operations Facility

JBM-HH Safety Program Manager, Leonard Davis said there is a reason the crosswalk warning signs and safety vests of construction workers are colored the same – they both convey the message of caution.

“We never want to see anyone get hurt; even a near miss disrupts focus on other tasks throughout the day, for drivers, workers and pedestrians,” said Davis.   

Starting Monday, flagmen will direct traffic around closures in the south-bound lane on McNair Road, as crews begin a two-month project.  Installation of a new asphalt path along the west side of the road will provide a smooth, well-lit surface for leisure and exercise. When the project is complete, foot traffic will re-route to the new walkway from the east side of McNair Road, allowing construction to begin on a fence between the base and Arlington National Cemetery at a later date.    

During a recent higher headquarters assessment, those familiar with Fort Myer said a no-climb barrier between the two is a long-awaited improvement of the installation’s security posture. 

“It’s impressive to see progress on this security measure, because I remember fighting this battle when I was the Director of Emergency Services, back in 2004,” said Mary Beam, IMCOM HQ Chief of Law Enforcement.

In the near future, four entry control points will be upgraded. The dates of construction are tentatively set to begin as follows:

Millennium Gate Replacement: from Sept. 30 to Oct. 11

Selfridge Gate Replacement: from Oct. 21 to Nov. 1

Memorial Chapel Gate Replacement: Nov. 11-22

Old Chapel Gate and Area: from Jan. 27 to April 24, 2020

The Pentagram will continue to update the JBM-HH community of upcoming projects as we receive information.  For timely updates concerning activities in and around the Joint Base, visit our website at


Nate Allen, JBM-HH