Army seeks volunteers for JBM-HH RAB

The U.S. Army is seeking to determine interest in establishing a Restoration Advisory Board at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall on Fort Myer. 

The Department of Defense established the Installation Restoration Program to provide guidance and funding for the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites. JBM-HH has one site undergoing Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study to assess the status of groundwater contamination resulting from historical dry cleaning and fueling operations.

The purpose of a RAB is to provide a forum for community members interested in being involved with the environmental cleanup decision-making process. RAB members will be asked to meet regularly to review and comment on technical documents and plans relating to ongoing environmental studies and cleanup activities. Members will be expected to serve as community liaisons. Membership is strictly voluntary and no financial compensation will be provided.

Interested parties should contact Tony Taylor at, (703) 696-1222, or 111 Stewart Rd., Bldg. 321, Fort Myer, VA 22211-1199.  Responses received by September will be considered.