Screenshot by Emily Mihalik

Arlington County Board issues proclamation to joint base commander

On Tuesday, members of the Arlington County Board issued a proclamation to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall’s Commander Col. Kimberly Peeples during a virtual ceremony before their board meeting.


Arlington County thanked Peeples for her engagement and partnership with the community and for overseeing the Olli Challenge that was held during the summer of 2019.


Peeples worked closely with base personnel and the region to obtain the Regional Intergovernmental Service Agreement for transportation demand management and road supplies and services to the joint base.


County leadership also thanked Peeples for her participation and support in the community, military and federal facility partnership of northern Virginia in establishing a relationship with the region and the community in response to the diversity, inclusion and equity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Peeples said she was humbled by this recognition and grateful for the continued partnership.


“I personally represent over 700 proud garrison employees and 150,000 service members and Families, many of whom live in Arlington County and love it,” said Peeples. “The garrison team that I represent they do the hard work and I’m just proud to be affiliated with them. We want to thank as well Arlington County for our history that dates back to many significant milestones in the path of our nation that continues today. We proved that 9/11, and we continue to prove through this pandemic that not only is our relationship strong it is also reliable and dependable.”


 By Catrina Francis

 Pentagram Editor