October is Energy Action Month

The month of October 2020 has been declared as ‘National Energy Action Month’.

•       This years Energy Action Month theme is Energy Resilience Gives Us The Power To Win

•       Army Installations, where our Soldiers live, train, and deploy from, must have assured access to energy and water for mission readiness and a globally responsive Army

•       Uninterrupted access to energy and water is essential for Army readiness and ensuring the Total Army can deploy, fight, and win

The Army observes Energy Action month each October and the theme this year is ‘Energy Resilience’. Energy Resilience is defined as “the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to and recover rapidly from Utility disruptions”. This concept begins at the Installation level where critical missions are planned and organized. The Army is focused on assured access to energy by implementing polies and energy projects that add reliable, diverse and redundant energy sources to our installation.

DPW and other Directorates are always reviewing projects that support reliable and redundant supply of electricity, water and gas to JBM-HH. This year DPW and Joint Base has employed the Army Corp of Engineers Baltimore and Huntsville Districts to design and renovate numerous major improvements to various buildings at JBM-HH. Part of this effort includes renovating the mechanical HVAC and electrical systems to include more efficient equipment and more reliable HVAC heating and cooling systems. Major renovation projects include work under the Army Corp of Engineers for Myer buildings 201 , 416 , 404 and McNair Buildings  21, 35 , 21, 59 Eisenhower Hall. Recently funded and awarded in FY-20 include Marshall Hall, Building 62 National defense University at Fort McNair for a new heating and HVAC control system.  Marshall Hall is a critical Educational center for Department of Defense.  

Energy Conservation

During this month we should all focus on efforts to save energy at the Garrison.

Everybody should help to save energy at the JBM-HH by turning off office equipment and lights at night and limit the use of portable heaters for personal use. Use mass transit and ride share if possible. Also all equipment purchased should meet ‘Energy Star’ ratings for maximum efficiency. Some of the best energy saving tips and ideas for home and office can be found on the Department of Energy (DOE) website: https://www.energy.gov/eere/femp/home-energy-checklist

Also any good energy saving ideas should be sent to the DPW Energy Manger office in Bldg 313. William.f.lucas.civ@mail.mil

Bill Lucas

Energy Manger