The JBM-HH Consolidated Tax Center opens Tuesday, Feb 16. The service will be remote in compliance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 social distancing guidance. The service will be available only to active duty and reservists who have been on active status for the past 30 days or longer, and Gold Star Families.

To participate, customers need a .mil account. Gold Star Families without a .mil account are an exception to the requirement. Contact can only be made through the tax center's .mil email address at

Prior to an appointment, the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance form Form 13614 must be completed. The form can be found on the center's Facebook page at https://www.facebook. com/MYERTAXCENTER.

Based on IRS publications 4491 and 4012, and due to budgetary and personnel constraints, the below bullet points are out of scope for the tax center.

People with any of the following issues cannot be seen at JBH-HH and it is recommend for them to seek civilian professional tax assistance.

-Taxpayers not on active duty status

-Taxpayer is an lieutenant colonel with over 15 years of service or higher

-Taxpayers with gross income of greater than $100,000

-Income and expenses related to paid household employees

-Taxes related to business or self-employment including home-based businesses (with the exception of on-post child care providers and Lyft/Uber drivers), such as:

• Expenses for employees or 1099

• Use of home as a business

• Actual vehicle expenses costs – not mileage

• Depreciation of business assets

• Entity issues – partnerships, S corporations, LLCs

• Capital gains and losses issues

• Any partnership schedule or Form 1099 K

• Self-employment insurance deductions

•Inherited property from a person who died before 2010 (unless the taxpayer knows the basis)

• Sale of home if ever used as rental property

• More than one rental property •Retirement IRA rollovers which are not tax free

• Retirement ROTH IRAs with excess contributions

• Non deductible traditional IRA contributions

• Foreign income or foreign tax credits over $300

• More than 10 stock market transactions

• Non cash charitable contributions exceeding $500

• Adoptions JBM-HH only prepares tax returns for the 50 states.

JBMHH reserves the right not to prepare a tax return that we feel we are not trained to do, even if the same return was prepared here in a prior year. We reserve the right to not prepare a tax return that is incomplete or inaccurate.