In the event of sexual assault:

1. Get to a safe place. If you are in need of urgent medical attention, call 911. If you are not injured, you still need medical assistance to protect your health.

2. Contact your local SHARP representative, or call the JBM-HH Sexual Assault Hotline at 202-498-4009.

3. To protect evidence, do not shower, brush your teeth, put on make up, eat, or drink, or change clothes until advised to do so. You, or your SHARP representative may report the crime to Army or local law enforcement.

Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to contact law enforcement.

Restricted sexual assault report:

We value your privacy. Restricted reporting offers Soldiers and Family members (except underage children) the option to report a sexual assault without having to notify law enforcement and protecting the identity of the victim.

This option is available if you report the incident to your Victim Advocate, Health Care Provider, or Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC).  You can contact a VA or SARC for more information without having to make a decision on reporting, they will explain all of the options available.

Unrestricted sexual assault report:

Unrestricted Reporting is the military’s preferred reporting method because it provides the widest latitude to help and protect victims of sexual assault. Through the unrestricted option, details of the incident are kept confidential and are only disclosed on a need to know basis. An unrestricted report triggers an investigation so that offenders may be held accountable and the safety of the victim is ensured.

Entitlements (independent of the reporting option)

Medical care


Pastoral care upon request

Sexual assault forensic examination

Unrestricted reporting victims are also entitled to:

Military protection order

Legal advice

Request transfer from their unit

Law enforcement investigation into the incident