Effective 29 March 2018 Soldiers will no longer be required to visit the Housing Services Office to receive a Permissive TDY stamp on their DA Form 31 for house hunting purposes. Please refer to the Memorandum and Military Pay E-Message 18-038 for more information.

For comprehensive information on Military Housing, Unaccompanied Housing and Community Housing, select topics to the left. Useful information is also provided below. If you have specific questions or need additional information about housing at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, please contact the Housing Services Office directly at:(703) 696-3559(Commercial), 426-3559(DSN).

Service members are required to report to the Housing Services Office (HSO) at their existing and new duty stations before making arrangements to rent, lease, or purchase off-post housing. Service members are further advised not to send monetary deposits for housing prior to contacting the HSO.

Rental Partnership Program:

The RPP is designed to help service members and their families save money on rental costs assocaited with leasing a home or an apartment. Savings can includ; Waived Security Deposit, Application Fees, Credit Check Fees, and Administrative Fees. For more information on the RPP, click on the Retnal Partnership Program link tot he rigfht for an information brochure on this program.