Family Housing at Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall consists of 88 historic dwelling units on Fort Myer, Virginia and Fort McNair, Washington DC. Family housing is very limited and although all officer quarters are designated for key and essential positions there are limited quantities of enlisted quarters available on a first come basis. To speak to a housing representative and/or be placed on the waiting list for Enlisted Quarters please call the Family Housing Manager at (703) 696-0937 or 696-9611.

We have a Rental Partnership Program, which provides savings to military personnel at many rental apartments in the National Capital Region. More information regarding this program is available at our main office in building 205 Bloxon Street and you can call the RPP representative at 703-696-9611 or 3559. For more information on other off-post options, please visit the Army Housing Online User Services Website.

We are committed to making your relocation to the National Capital Region as pleasant as possible by assisting you in obtaining adequate housing and providing assistance in renting or purchasing a home.

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing

"First Sergeant's Barracks Program (FSBP)"
Executive Management Housing Division and the First Sergeant’s Barracks Program Team: Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Commander, US Army Garrison, HQ Battalion, The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and your Chain of Command, are committed to provide exceptional service, while working together ensuring your needs are met and Service members may enjoy living in our barracks with other Soldiers and Marines.

JBM-HH BARRACKS, Fort Myer Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Facility consists of 8 barracks buildings (246, 247, 248, 250, 251, 416, 419 and 421).

Arriving single Service Members E-5 and below should first process in to their unit, before reporting to the Unaccompanied Personnel Housing.

All personnel authorized BAH at the without dependent rate in the Pay Grade of E5 and below are required to live in the Barracks.



Barracks Manager:

ARMY: Building 417 Basement, Sheridan Ave, Fort Myer 22211, Tel. 703-696-0319
MARINE: Building 416 1st Floor, Sheridan Ave, Fort Myer 22211, Tel. 703-696-3700
ROP: Building 246 Third Floor, Sheridan Ave, Fort Myer 22211, Tel. 703-696-7696


EMERGENCY Service Calls

703- 789-8100/24 or 703-929-7799

Lockouts – After hours:
1/3 Regimental Staff Duty
4/3 Regimental Staff Duty