* The U.S. Army Garrison Italy Public Affairs Office provides this courtesy summary and translations of local news to our community for situational awareness. The views expressed in this news summary are of Italian news organizations and do not reflect the official viewpoint of USAG Italy or the U.S. military. Italian News translation team includes Elena Baladelli, Angela Balbo, Anna Ciccotti, Laura Kreider, Chiara Mattirolo, Elena Baladelli and Sophie Sweatman.

Italian News from Vicenza & Livorno – JUNE 10, 2022

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COVID-19 Updates June 10, Ministry of Health, La Repubblica

Articles in leading dailies continue to speculate on the possible extension of the facemask requirement on trains and planes following its current expiration on June 15. Additionally, articles highlight that, yesterday, Italy reported 23,042 new infections and 84 deaths. The positivity rate is at 12.9 percent. The number of COVID-19 patients in ICU units has slightly decreased (-2) for a total of 197. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)


COVID-19, new cases at + eight percent. Sub-variants are here, tooJune 10, Il Giornale di Vicenza

In the first nine days of June, the Region’s bulletin recorded about 13,600 infections, while in the last nine days of May there were about 12,600: an increase of eight percent, after weeks of decline. According to the weekly monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation on Veneto, the number of beds in the medical area and in intensive care occupied by COVID-19 patients are below the national average. In short, the virus circulates more, but is not as aggressive. The region has been monitoring how much and how the variants of the virus have moved since the outbreak. The attention is currently entirely concentrated on Omicron, which is divided into several sub-variants. In Veneto there was initially the entry of Omicron BA.1 and then of Omicron BA.2, which today is prevalent. These sub-variants are more transmissible and also have a greater ability to evade the immune response given by both a previous infection and vaccination. In general, it has been seen that the Omicron variant affects the upper respiratory tract and therefore seems to be less severe than the Delta one, which instead attacked the lungs often with tragic consequences. Cases of recombined viruses have also been found in Veneto, i.e. variants that emerge from the combination of two different variants: one section of the genome is of a variant and the other of a second one. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Bosnian man kills ex-wife and current girlfriend, then takes his own lifeJune 9, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZA - Yesterday, Zlatan Vasiljevic, a 42-year-old Bosnian citizen who had been living in Vicenza for years, shot his ex-wife, Lidia Miljkovic, a 42-year-old Serbian citizen, and his latest partner, 36-year-old Venezuelan Gabriela Serrano. He then killed himself. According to the first reconstructions, yesterday morning Vasiljevic went to via Vigolo in the Gogna neighborhood of Vicenza, where he knew that his ex-wife worked as a domestic worker. The couple, who had two children aged 16 and 14, had long since separated. After years of mistreatments, she had found the strength and courage to denounce him and had ended the relationship. After firing 5-6 bullets against his ex-wife, he drove away throwing a low-powered grenade out of the window into the street of Gogna. Then, Vasiljevic went to get Serrano. The killer took the southern ring road at the entrance to Vicenza ovest and stopped shortly after in a lay-by. Here, he threw another grenade that exploded in the middle of the highway, damaging a passing car. Vasiljevic then shot Serrano in the back of the head. Before killing himself, he threw a third bomb, which caused a small crater in the moat between the ring road and the A4. After the first murder, the police started a massive manhunt that lasted 6 hours. During the operations, the ring road and the A4 highway were closed. The sad phenomenon of violence against women marks impressive numbers in Italy, and Vicenza makes no exceptions. Before yesterday, 8 women had been killed in the last 5 years in the area. According to the data released by the Carabinieri of the local provincial command, reports of violence or abuse have been on average two a day in the last 16 months. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

100-year-old Italian woman has driving license renewedJune 8, Corriere Veneto

THIENE (Vicenza) - A local Italian woman has had her driving license renewed at the age of 100. Thiene native Candida Uderzo was given a new license after passing an eye test at a driving school in the northern province of Vicenza. The sprightly centenarian said she liked to be autonomous and to not put pressure on her son to drive her around. “This renewal makes me happy and will make me feel a little bit freer too,” Uderzo told Corriere della Sera. “I’m lucky, I’m 100 years old, and being so healthy is a surprise to me too. I never take tablets, just the odd sleeping pill once in a while.” She said her eyesight is so good she can read the newspaper without needing glasses. Italy’s centenarian population is among the highest in Europe and the number of people reaching the milestone age continues to rise: according to data released in early May by Istat, the national statistics agency, Italy is home to 20,456 centenarians, up from 14,456 in 2019. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Monkey pox, three cases in PaduaJune 9, Il Giornale di Vicenza

PADUA - The number of people infected in Padua by the monkey virus has risen to three, after the first case confirmed two days ago. The first patient is a physician who had been discharged but then was hospitalized again, together with the other two individuals infected, all in hospital for precautionary purposes. “As a Preventive Medicine department, we continue with contact tracing activities. The cases of positivity have risen to three, most likely attributable to a single contagion chain,” declares the director Luca Sbrogiò, who remains in close contact with the Region and the Ministry of Health. Sbrogiò notes that in any case that “the situation is fully under control” and that “the invitation to respect hygiene rules and interpersonal behavioral precautions is always valid.” (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Ticks, cases on the riseJune 8, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZA - Cases of tick bites on the rise throughout Italy and also in the Veneto region. A woman died in Sardinia. In Vicenza in the last two weeks, 41 people went to the hospital because they were bitten by these tiny parasites capable of carrying very dangerous diseases: encephalitis or TB, Lyme borreliosis, button fever, rickettsiosis, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis. With the warm season, the ticks promptly reappear. “It always happens in this period,” explains ER head physician Francesco Corà. “People take outings, sit on the ground, and ticks stick all over the place. The bite does not hurt, but it is always necessary to be vigilant because the tick can transmit diseases that can appear even after two-three weeks.” The risk period runs from April to October-November. Tick-borne encephalitis has not yet been seen in the Vicenza area, but in the province of Belluno there are endemic outbreaks, and the fear is that it will also cross over. Here are the recommendations when going for a walk in the countryside or in the mountains: wear light-colored clothes, long pants tucked inside socks or boots, clothing tight around the wrists and ankles and a hat, avoid lying on the ground, do not touch the grass along the edge of the paths, do not go into areas where the vegetation is high, and check your skin and clothes at the end of the day. Attention also for those who have a dog, a favorite victim of ticks. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

A century of history at the Rifugio PapaJune 8, Il Giornale di Vicenza

This year, the Achille Papa Rifugio on Mount Pasubio turns 100. The season reopens on Saturday, and will continue uninterruptedly until October 16 and then on weekends until November 6. Many news this year, including the opening of the new wing. The Rifugio has also embraced the "plastic free" philosophy, abolishing all plastic dishes and bottles. “We have decided to encourage the use of water bottles that can be filled by us with water from the Fonte Regina at the cost of one euro,” explains Renato Leonardi, manager of the Rifugio for 44 years. “Water is very important, there is none on the Pasubio. We are supplied with rainwater.” As for the route, Leonardi explains that one needs to be prepared to tackle the Strada delle 52 Gallerie which has an altitude difference of 800 meters: “You must evaluate your physical conditions and the weather. Once on the road, there is no way out. Either you get to the top or you go back.” Shoes and equipment are also important. “Last weekend we saw people arrive in shorts and T-shirts. The weather in the mountains changes quickly, and the slightest drizzle causes temperatures to drop drastically.” A new summer season, but some traiditons will continue: from Saturday it will be possible to taste the classic “Minestrone del Rifugio”, polenta with mushrooms, goulash and sandwiches, fresh pasta from Valli with special sauces, soppressa di Sant'Antonio and cheese from Val Leogra. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Local climber readies to reach Nanga Parbat, break record at Himalaya - June 10, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Lonigo native mountaineer aims to climb the ninth highest peak in the world. If successful, this would his thirteenth time above 8,000 meters, all done never using O2. The first contact, exquisitely visual, took place three years ago, from the top of Broad Peak, 8,047 meters. Mario Vielmo took a panoramic photo of the immense sight of frozen peaks that expanded as far as the eye could see. A seamless chain of giants covered in ice, but to the south-west a mountain in a particular way stood out against the horizon line and attracted his attention: Nanga Parbat, 8126 meters of vertiginous walls that make the ninth peak highest in the world ever among the most difficult and dangerous. Vielmo is currently adjusting in Pakistan with the aim of reaching his personal thirteenth 8,000er, the Nanga Parbat precisely over the next few weeks. Last year he put his twelfth 8,000er under his belt, also in Pakistani soil, and it was that Gasherbrum I that he had already tried in vain on two previous attempts. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Construction site of the cycle path reveals Nazi bunker in Recoaro – June 10, Il Giornale di Vicenza

RECOARO (Vicenza) - The works on the cycle path bring the bunker back to light. One of the first bulldozer hit the rock wall that protected the entrance to the German bomb shelter in Molino di Sotto, dating back to the Second World War. A situation that could not have been foreseen, according to the councilor for strategic works Luca Antoniazzi. A situation that, on the other hand, could have been avoided according to the vice-president of the ‘Bunker 1944-1945’ association Franco Rasia: “That bunker was registered, complete with documentation already in the possession of the Municipality.” The work unintentionally unearthed during excavations was begun on February 22, 1945 and was to become the largest air-raid shelter in all of Recoaro, housing a thousand soldiers. It was in a strategic position, at the entrance to the town and near a bridge which, in the event of an advance by the Americans, the Nazis were ready to blow up. Now the Bunker association aims “to make this site of considerable historical value open to visitors,” after appropriate cleaning and possible more excavation. At the moment the bunker is about 60 meters long and two meters wide. The discovery of the bunker, as confirmed by the Municipality, should not cause delays on the time schedule of the works which envisage an overall refurbishment of the road network. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Trubling TikTok challenge raises alarm - June 8, Il Giornale di Vicenza

VICENZA - One of the latest TikTok trends, “Boiler summer cup,” is causing alarm among many people. The goal of the “challenge” is to try to pick up overweight girls either at discos, hangout spots, school, or anywhere else. It’s not too difficult to see where the problem in this lies. Firstly, this “challenge” is extremely degrading and humiliating, and, secondly, this could lead to eating disorders, bullying, and discrimination. Not only is this type of body shaming incredibly shameless and disrespectful, but it’s very harmful to the non-consenting girls who are being used for views and clout. This trend has gone so viral that the Veneto Postal and Communications Police have already heard of it and brought it up to Nicoletta Morbioli, head of the provincial school office. Some teachers, such as the religion teacher Maria Grazia Vignaga, are very concerned about their pupils, who seem to not see how harmful such “challenges” really are. Vice principal of the Quadri Scientific High School, Diego Peron, says: “The problem is that there is a lack of awareness in kids, and this is partly our fault because we can no longer dictate the rules.” Another survey showed that 54 percent of the students said that their weight affects the way they feel. Peron concludes by saying: “Relationships with food are increasingly critical and discomfort is also on the rise due to the pandemic,” and a lot more students have been visiting the school psychologist. (Summary by Sophie Sweatman)


Three days to discover the ancient aqueduct June 8, il Tirreno

LIVORNO – “Cisternone” the extraordinary nineteenth-century cistern designed by architect Pasquale Poccianti is the protagonist of this appointment that holds court from Thursday June 9 to Saturday, June 11. Visits are from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Not only the spell of the intersection of columns and the magic of the architecture, the interiors will host the exhibition of photos signed by Francesco Salvadori and Leonardo Ghilarducci as well as Dario Cei's improvisations between flutes and percussion.  The building is still a maxi reservoir of the Livorno Aqueduct. Visits must be reserved by calling 339 - 778 5901 (ticket cost 2 euros, proceeds will be donated to the palliative care department of Livorno Hospital) (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Seven cruise ships at the Livorno Port June 10, Il Tirreno

LIVORNO –The restart of the cruise ships yesterday materialized in a symbolic aspect: practically at the same time, seven ships arrived to the port of Livorno, almost 9,000 tourists on board. The headquarters of Porto 2000 proudly announced the news. Matteo Savelli, number one of the passenger port company lines up the names: starting with Celebrity Beyond, the 326-meter giant that just a few weeks ago debuted on its maiden voyage under the orders of Commander Kate McCu at Molo Italia along with Norwegian Escape. The Scandinavian company's other behemoth, the Epic, just under 330 meters long, was placed at the Alto Fondale dock. Quay 75 behind the Molo Mediceo was ready for the Viking Sky. Inside the Porto Mediceo three somewhat smaller units were placed: the Marella Discovery, the Sea Dream and the cruise ship Stad Amsterdam. Yesterday brought the cruise port back perhaps not yet to record levels but well above what happened during the very long freeze due to the COVID-19 preventive measures. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

RAI National TV tells the story of Livorno Naval AcademyJune 10, Il Tirreno

LIVORNO - two episodes to discover the Navy On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the birth of the Navy (1861) and Navy Day 2022 to be celebrated in Gaeta, Rai Cultura is offering two special episodes of “Professione Mare,” airing today at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. (with repeats at 11:30 p.m. and midnight) on RAI Scuola. The aim of the episodes is to orient young men and women (and their parents) who intend to pursue a career in the Navy The first episode, “Livorno Naval Academy,” is a multi-voiced account of the educational path, training, the many professional outlets, but above all the career expectations that the Navy offers. Young military personnel from the Livorno Academy tell, through their stories, the opportunities, responsibilities, motives and pride in their choice. From engineer to doctor, from pilot to legal adviser to ship commander, the program tells how to become true “professionals of the sea.” Officers earn different degrees depending on the corps they belong to: in maritime and naval sciences, part of the degree class in “Defense and Security Sciences” for the General Staff corps; in naval, civil and environmental and telecommunications engineering for the Corps of Engineers; in medicine and surgery for the Sanitary corps; and finally in law for the Commissioned Corps, the Master’s Degree in “Science of Government and Administration of the Sea” for the Corps of Harbor Master’s. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

University of Pisa first in Tuscany and seventh nationallyJune 10, LivornoToday

PISA – The University of Pisa is confirmed first in Tuscany and seventh in Italy according to the international ranking of universities QS University Rankings. Compared to last year, the 2023 report confirms the University of Pisa’s regional and national ranking and places it 404th on a global scale. With more than 120 new universities joining the rankings, a total of 1,422 universities have passed the agency’s selection. The rankings are based on indicators that measure universities’ reputation, faculty-student ratio, scientific productivity and level of internationalization. The analysis carried out by the QS agency shows a university improving in all aspects: compared to last year, the number of faculty and the percentage of international faculty and students has increased, scientific production has increased and the average number of citations received has increased. This year, QS also included two new indicators, employability and International Research Network (IRN), which measures the amount of international collaborations that the university has established for research purposes, and which have resulted in scientific publications. On this new indicator, the University of Pisa scored excellent, placing 145th globally. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Tuscany Pride takes place in Livorno on Saturday June 18 - June 9 Livornotoday

LIVORNO - Toscana Pride is promoted by the associations and organized groups that animate the region in the LGBTIQ+ space (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Asexual), in order to promote full citizenship. The intent is to transform indignation, fear and anger of abuse and discrimination into active and constructive participation. On the occasion of Toscana Pride, which will take place in Livorno on Saturday, June 18, Autolinee Toscane, in agreement with the Municipality of Livorno and the organizers of the event, has arranged a special and extraordinary bus service to enable participants to be able to reach the station and the PalaModigliani car parking area easily at the end of the event. Starting at 7:30 p.m. and until 0:30 a.m., six buses from Terrazza Mascagni (where the final part of Toscana Pride will take place) will take people to the car parking area of PalaModigliani from which it is a few minutes’ walk to the station. More than 15,000 people are expected to participate. Prior to the parade, which will start from Piazza della Repubblica and make its way to the Terrazza Mascagni, the Fortezza Nuova will be rainbow-colored thanks to a series of events aimed at introducing people to this world.