Army Family Team Building (AFTB) empowers you, through self-development and leadership skills, basic Army knowledge and specialized training, to maximize your personal and professional potential.

AFTB classes are offered in-person and online. The in-person course is held at ACS and is focused on providing basic Army knowledge to spouses who are new to the Army. Spouses learn about ranks, acronyms, chain of command, and Army customs. To register, visit ACS.

Online AFTB classes are provided in both English and Spanish on

Level I is composed of modules designed for the new to the Army Spouse or anyone interested in updating personal skills or basic knowledge. Classes include Military Terms, Customs & Acronyms and Chain of Command/Chain of Concern.

Level II is geared toward emerging leaders. Classes include Enhancing Relationship Building, Family Support Groups and Group Dynamics, to name just a few.

Level III courses offer training to enhance the professional growth and leadership development opportunities of family members, especially those who might assume advisory and mentoring leadership roles with the community and unit.