Housing For Soldiers and other Military Personnel

NOTE: Housing assignments are based on rank and government housing availability.

Mandatory Housing Policy: Military families will be assigned to Villaggio government-owned OR government-leased homes. If there are no government-controlled quarters available, then families will be allowed to search for private rental housing.

Villaggio Government Housing: Villaggio is a gated military community that is geographically separated from Caserma Ederle but is connected to it via a regular shuttle bus and walking path.

Facilities at Villaggio:

  • Schools & CDC
  • Teen Center
  • U-Do-It Center

Government-Leased Housing: These are homes within the local community that meet particular standards and are leased to the Army.

Private Rental Housing: These are homes vetted by Housing or found by a realtor.

You are responsible for rent and utilities. To receive OHA the Soldier must submit a copy of the lease to finance.

Search for private homes with:

  • Homes.mil: Vetted by Housing
  • Private realtor (fee of 1 month’s rent + 22% tax is at your expense). Housing has a list of approved realtors' agencies in the Vicenza area that reported to have English speaking personnel and are familiar with the requirements of Vicenza Military Community members leases. This does not prohibit personnel from using any other Agency.


Housing Eligibility

Temporary Lodging & Housing Eligibility

The type of tour and dependent travel authorized in your Soldier’s orders will determine your Soldier’s lodging upon arrival and housing eligibility in Italy.

Rank of SponsorLodging in ItalyEligible for Housing
Concurrent Family Travel (family arrives with Soldier)  
All RanksHotel (TLA)Yes
Concurrent Family Travel (within 60 days of Soldier)  
≥ E-7Hotel (TLA)Yes
≤ E-6Barracks*Yes
Deferred Family Travel (61+ days after Soldier)
≥ E-7Hotel (TLA)Yes
≤ E-6BarracksNo**
“All Others” Tour (without dependents)
≥ E-7Hotel (TLA)Yes
≤ E-6BarracksNo

* Eligible for TLA upon family arrival.
** Eligible for housing upon approval of command sponsorship of dependents & receipt of amended orders. NOTE for ≤E6: Stop meal deduction after family arrives.

Housing Eligibility Process

  1. Housing Day 1 Briefing: Unaccompanied and accompanied Soldiers will learn about official Housing policies at this brief. Spouses are welcome to attend.
  2. Quarters Eligibility Meeting at CPF: Each Soldier meets with the Housing Rep to determine housing eligibility based on rank, housing availability, and dependents.
    • Villaggio: Government-owned housing
    • Government-Leased: If Villaggio housing isn’t available, or you don’t qualify for Villaggio, your family will live in a government-leased home.
    • Private Rental Housing: If government housing isn’t available, your family will rent private housing.
  3. Leasing a Home: The off-post Housing office will then provide details of your specific housing quarters. To get to Housing, exit the “Housing Gate” (Gate 4) and walk 100m to the bright yellow building behind red iron gates on right.
    • Villaggio/Government-Leased: Your family can set up a “viewing” of your new home with a Housing Inspector prior to signing your lease.
    • Private Housing: Housing office will brief eligible Soldiers & families on the private rental process prior to signing your lease/prior to your assignment.

Additional Housing Notes


All command-sponsored dependents are required to apply for a Soggiorno (residence) permit in order to stay in Italy. Your lease contract is part of that application. The landlord has 30 days from the date your rental contract was signed to submit the lease to the city, have it  stamped, and then send a copy to you. You then have 90 days to bring the necessary documents and your lease to the Soggiorno office in the CPF Building at Caserma Ederle to finalize your Soggiorno application.

Renter’s Insurance

In Italy, tenants are responsible for fire damage (without evidence to contrary). It’s recommended that you purchase a fire insurance policy that covers damage to the rental property and your personal possessions in case of a fire. Tenants are also liable for any damages caused by guests, family, or pets. Insure your household goods and rental property accordingly.

Detectors/Alarms for your Home

Smoke, carbon monoxide, and natural gas detectors aren’t required in homes by Italian law. We recommend you consider buying them for your home. 
Visit the Fire Department on post if you have questions.

Fresh Air and Light: Enemies of Mold

Regardless of the season, Italians open curtains and windows every day for 15 minutes to let in fresh air and natural light to kill mold spores. Be smart and do the same!

Villaggio U-Do-It & ACS Lending Closet

Military families can borrow yard equipment and tools from the U-Do-It Center on Villaggio for 24 hours (private rentals) or 48 hours (gov’t housing). If you live in government housing, you can even get things like paint and grass seed! Soldiers must bring a copy of orders to sign up for the program.

With orders, local phone number, CMR Box, and military ID, the ACS Lending Closet will loan basic home goods, such as toasters, vacuums, cribs, and car seats to incoming and outing going families for up to 30 days.

How to Pay Rent and Bills

Whether you pay bills at your bank, via wire transfer, or at a tobacco shop, keep a record of ALL rental and utility payments. Bill notices and even payments are easily lost or misrouted. Your own proof of payment may be the only evidence to prove you paid your bills on time.

TIP: Set up online accounts for each utility company to keep tabs on due dates and billing fees.