ERP assists all community members with skill development, network building, and provides additional resources that will allow them to find employment opportunities or develop career/work plans.

The Employment Readiness Program provides assistance to individuals in acquiring skills, networks and resources that will allow them to participate in the work force and to develop career/work plans. Up-to-date information will be provided on available employment opportunities, education and volunteer resources, and support services which will help customers make informed decisions on seeking employment. These services include but are not limited to: Job Search Skills, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Dress for Success, Salary Negotiating, Application completion, Cover letters, Career Fairs, Federal Employment, etc. All services are offered one-on-one and/or in group settings as needed. Please contact the ACS center for further information.

What is the Status of Forces Agreement?
The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is the agreement between the US and host nation government that dictate the rights, obligations and rules that govern the conduct and management of US forces on foreign soil, including laws that govern hiring and employment. If you are a US ID card holder and want to work overseas, you need to know what those laws are and how they effect you.  The biggest impact of the SOFA agreement in the area of employment is that non-US citizens apply for Department of the Army civilian positions differently than US citizens do. Non-US citizens must be recruited in accordance with host nation employment laws.

Can I accept a job working for an Italian or American business off-post?

To be employed in Italy by someone other than the U.S. Forces (GS, NAF, and U.S. Government contracted positions) requires an Italian Work Visa and Work Permit. This is true for both Italian businesses and American-based corporations as well. If you choose to obtain an Italian Work Visa and Work Permit, you are declaring to the Italian government that you desire to be considered an ordinary resident of Italy. You cannot have both ordinary resident and “SOFA protected” status at the same time, regardless of whether you are a military member, civilian employee or dependent.

If you get a job on the Italian economy as an ordinary resident, you will no longer be entitled to any “SOFA protected” privileges, including shopping in the PX and commissary, sending mail through the Military Postal System, driving SETAF registered vehicles, and purchasing gas coupons. You are also responsible for all of the additional expenses that ordinary Italian residents incur, such as Italian income taxes, contributions to the Italian social security system, and the Italian television tax — to name a few. Perhaps most importantly, ordinary residents cannot avail themselves of foreign criminal jurisdictional assertion or waiver rights under Article VII of the NATO SOFA — this means that if you are accused of committing a crime in Italy, you’re on your own within the Italian legal system.

Can I maintain skills by providing my service for free but be reimbursed for supplies — i.e. baking cakes or coloring hair?

Activities such as baking cakes or coloring hair would not be considered a “profitable enterprise” so long as any reimbursement is limited to the cost of supplies. It is important to note, though, that any payment for your time, labor, or expertise would be considered profit and would require a valid work visa and permit.

Can I operate a home-based business (e.g. MaryKay, Scentsy, etc.)

If you are generating profit by work performed while living in Italy, even on your computer, Italian law mandates that you have a valid work visa and permit. Furthermore, using your APO for home-based businesses is not allowed.

Non-U.S. Citizen Employment
The majority of civilian jobs at USAG Italy are filled by non-U.S. citizens or host nation employees. 
The SOFA agreement requires that the Department of the Army recruit all of its non-US citizen employees in strict accordance with the Host Nation labor laws. These jobs and application forms can be found online here

Citizens from NATO countries have a few more employment options than most non-US citizens. If your citizenship is with another country other than the United States, call the LN CPAC Staffing (DSN: 646-5019/5016 or CIV: 0444-71-5019/5016) to find out if you meet eligibility requirements.

If you are not from a NATO country, there are still options for you on the installation. Many contract positions are open to non-US citizens. Finally, Italian and EU citizens can always use the resources available on the local national economy.

Department of the Army (DA) Civilians
Every federal job world-wide is listed on the Office of Personnel Management’s website USAJOBS, including all Defense Department jobs (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). To search for jobs in your local military community area, enter your community name (Vicenza) in the ‘Location’ search block. If you are a military spouse, a veteran with preference, or a current/former federal employee, ensure that you mark the button for ‘Federal Employees’ located under the location box. Federal resume and application workshops at USAG Italy ACS.   

What is the difference between AF and NAF jobs?
Appropriated Funds (APF or AF) positions are funded by tax dollars. Examples of (AF) positions are General Schedule (GS), and Wage Grade (WG) positions. For example, the job of an Employment Readiness Program Manager is an AF job where Congress appropriates the funding for the salary of this position to the Army. Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) jobs are funded by the fees paid by the program’s customers. What does this mean to you?  There are really a number of differences between these employment categories to an employee which include but are not limited to, benefits, hiring processes, and eligibility requirements.

Determine your eligibility and preference
Figure out which employment category you fall under. Remember, if your employment category is not listed under ‘Who May Apply’ in the vacancy announcement, you will not be considered for the  position. The civilian personnel office representative will determine your eligibility. The most common     categories for this area are:

  • Military Spouse Preference (MSP) eligible: The spouse of an active duty military member (sponsor) of the U.S. Armed Forces who accompanies their military sponsor on a permanent change of stations (PCS) move. To receive preference, the spouse must be married to the military sponsor before reporting to the new duty assignment and the name of the spouse must be listed on the PCS orders of the military sponsor. Both the PCS orders and a copy of the marriage certificate is required to accompany the application package when applying for positions. In overseas areas, spouses do not receive preference until they actually arrive at the overseas location.
  • Family Member Preference (FMP) eligible (overseas): The spouse or unmarried children (including stepchildren, adopted children, and foster children) not more than 23 years of age residing with a member (sponsor) of the U.S. Armed Forces or a U.S. citizen civilian employee (sponsor) of a U.S. Government Agency (including NAF activities whose duty station is in a foreign area).
  • Excepted Service Overseas Family Member Appointment (FMNP) eligible (overseas): Family member of a locally hired DoD or NAF civilian employees, or a family member or spouse preference eligible who has lost military spouse or family member preference due to accepting or declining an offer of continuing employment.
  • Derived Preference: A method where you, as the spouse, widow/widower, or mother of a veteran may be eligible to claim veterans' preference when your veteran is unable to use it. You will be given XP Preference (10 points) in appointment if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA): You are eligible for this appointing authority if you are: a preference eligible (defined in title 5 U.S.C. 2108(3); OR a veteran who substantially completed 3 or more years of active service; AND your latest discharge must be issued under honorable conditions (this means an honorable or general discharge).
  • Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA): You are eligible for this appointing authority if you are a: Disabled veteran; OR veteran who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during a war, or in a campaign, or expedition, for which you received an authorized campaign or expedition badge or medal; OR veteran who, while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, participated in a United States military operation for which you were awarded an Armed Forces Service Medal (AFSM); OR veteran who has separated from active service within the last three years. NOTE: The highest grade level you may be appointed under this authority is GS-11 or equivalent .
  • NAF Interchange eligible: Currently serving on a NAFI position without time limitation or have been involuntarily separated from such appointment without personal cause within the preceding year.
  • Non Status Eligible (including overseas limited and temporary employee): All applicants without personal competitive status.


Employment Opportunities
DECA (Commissary)
Positions at the commissary include jobs such as cashiers, deli workers, and stockers. Applications for these positions are completed online at USAJOBS.

AAFES positions cover mainly retail activities, food service, PX and Shoppette workers. Applications for AAFES positions are completed online, via their website. Positions can be found at each military community by finding your location in the ‘Exchange Location’ drop down menu. For non-US citizens, you may call either the AAFES Human Resources Office in Vicenza at 0444-71-4347 or visit their office in Bldg. 367.

Department of Defense Schools (DoDDS)
Department of Defense Schools are full-service schools that employ every job category that you would find in similar-sized CONUS institutions, including teachers, educational aides; administrators, technical support personnel, and substitute teachers. Substitute teachers are all employed directly by the schools. The recruitment method employed by the schools is USAJOBS.

Education Center
The Army Continuing Education Center college opportunities in USAG Italy currently include: Central Texas College and University of Maryland University College –Europe. Various contract positions are available and the on post colleges/universities accept applications for teaching positions.

Vicenza Community Club Thrift Store
For an application, stop by the Thrift Store, Bldg. 243, DSN 646-4884/CIV 0444-71-4884.

Global Federal Credit Union
Global Credit Union employs US citizens in customer service and teller positions. To apply for positions at the Global Credit Union, go to their website. Global Credit Union, Bldg 243, DSN: 646-4886 /CIV: 0444-71-4886

Community Bank
The Community Bank employs US citizens in customer service and teller positions. Pick up an application at local bank location and return with a resume or apply online.  

Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, Education & Skills (SKIES) Unlimited
If you have a talent, the SKIES program is always looking for instructors to teach classes for children ages 3-18. There’s no set curriculum, and the program is always looking for new, unique and challenging topics of instruction. SKIES has two kinds of instructors—regular NAF employees and contractors. Contact your local SKIES program for more information.

Family Child Care Provider (FCC)
The FCC Program offers quarters-based child care provided by authorized military family members operating as independent contractors from housing located on a military installation or from U.S. Government owned or leased housing off the installation. This care is regulated by the U.S. Army and both the individual providing services (FCC provider) and the occupied housing unit (FCC home) will be certified by CYS before children may be enrolled in care.

Go to their website to apply for jobs with USO Vicenza. Caserma Ederle, Bldg 9A, DSN 646-4775/CIV 0444-71-4775

Defense Contractors
A range of defense contractors have at one point had positions in USAG Italy.  The following listing does NOT indicate they have current job openings but are provided as a job search resource. 




GBX Consultants

MHN Government Services



Armed Forces Services Corporation

General Dynamics


CACI Inc. Federal


Sterling Medical

Vectrus Systems Corporation

Booz Allen Hamilton

Oak Ridge Institute


en Genius


Volunteer Opportunities
There may be chances that employment is not immediately available for you to pursue while stationed in Germany, however, that does not mean you should stop enhancing your marketable skills. Volunteering provides you with opportunities to enhance your skills and resume and give back to the community. Volunteering also allows you to explore new career fields you may be interested in without committing to a paid employment position.

Community members interested in becoming a volunteer within the Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) can register at

  • Click on Register (upper right hand corner) then Join Now.
  • Complete the registration information.
  • Verify that you select the correct military community - USAG Vicenza - from the list available. Ensure that you use your CMR address.
  • Click continue.
  • Verify your Information and click Register at the bottom of the right hand corner.
  • Screen will show “Registration Complete” and “Thank you for registering” You have been pre approved and logged into the site. Click on Continue to return to the homepage.

Searching and Applying for a Volunteer Opportunity

  • Click on Volunteer Tools (upper right hand corner).
  • Now you should see the page that says I am looking for volunteer opportunities.
  • Click on Switch to OCONUS.
  • Click on the map where it says Italy and select your military community.
  • Go to the bottom of this page and filter by organization.
  • Select a position you are interested in, and then click to apply at the bottom of the page.
  • If you are a first time user, you must register first, follow the steps below to apply.

Apply for a position (once registered)

  • Follow the steps above, then:
  • Position description will open on the screen.
  • Scroll to bottom and click on submit.
  • Screen will say Volunteer Application sent.
  • Screen will say what would you like to do next?
  • An email will be sent to the Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) who must approve your application in VMIS before you can begin logging volunteer hours. Scroll to bottom and click on submit.
  • Screen will say Volunteer Application sent.
  • Screen will say what would you like to do next?
  • An email will be sent to the Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) who must approve your application in VMIS before you can begin logging volunteer hours.

Adding Your Volunteer Hours

  • Log in to
  • Click on LOG IN at the top of the page.
  • Click on VOLUNTEER TOOLS (upper right hand corner).
  • Click on Volunteer Activity.
  • All positions you are registered for are under this tab.
  • To enter for current month, select day, then Add for Open Dates.
  • To enter historical hours, select period, and Add for Period.

Need assistance? Contact our local Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator (AVCC) at 646-5833 or 0444-71-5833.

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) plans and direct the administration of civilian personnel services here at USAG Italy.  It is located across from the Golden Lion Conference Center in Bldg. 327.  The main phone number is +39 0444-71-7266 or DSN: 634-7266.

Online Resources

Civilian Personnel Online

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