ALL Tuesdays in December, 1000Children's Story Hour "Christmas"Post Library Bldg. 204
6 December, 1700Tree Lighting CeremonyDarby Community Center

10 and 17 December,          1300-1430

Active Parenting or Teens Class731st Conference Room
13 December, 1500Panettone DayDarby Community Center



Winter Tires or Snow Chains Requirement in Italy: from November 15 to April 15 of the following year drivers are required to ensure vehicles are equipped with snow chains on board or winter tires suitable for driving on snow or ice.

Hiring actions:

Global Credit Union Darby has a part-time teller position available.  For job announcement, qualifications and to apply please visit



Camp Darby MP Desk(DSN) 633-7575SETAF Carabinieri

(DSN) 633-8711
Commercial (+39) 050-548711

Housing Work Orders(DSN) 646-5116
Comm +39) 0444-71-5116
American Red Cross VMC(DSN) 634-7089
SHARP Hotline(DSN) 634-7272Medical Emergencies Off Post118
Domestic Violence HotlineComm (+39) 335-805-7867Italian Fire Department Off Post115
iSALUTE & iWATCH (suspicious activity/anti- terrorism)(DSN) 634-7688Police Off Post113
MC ChaplainComm (+39) 366-692-8161
Comm (+39) 388-300-8446
Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC)366-893-2454



To minimize the risk of mold & mildew accumulating in your living area, please follow the suggested guidance below. Increase air circulation in your house by opening your windows daily to allow fresh air to enter. Open doors between rooms, move furniture away from walls. Open doors to closets that may be colder than the rooms they're in. Allow fresh air in to reduce moisture and keep mold at bay. Open curtains/shades on sunny days. If applicable, turn your A/C Unit on "dryer" position it will keep the house cool and in the same time the system will work on "dehumidifier" to absorb and drain humidity out. If you use a dehumidifier consider placing it in the basement. Don't leave wet clothes in the washing machine where mold can spread quickly. Hang them to dry preferably outside or in areas with good air circulation. Mold & mildew loves moisture and dirt. Minimize its ability to grow within our homes. The following are additional recommendations:

  • Keep surfaces clean
  • Keeps pets clean
  • Keep humidity at or below 50%
  • Clean any mold immediately to not allow it to spread
  • Recommend not using bleach to clean, use watered down ammonia or
  • Vinegar - NEVER mix bleach with anything other than water.
  • Have leaks fixed immediately