Don't forget to check out for out and about events in Veneto and Tuscan regions.

NOTE:  Global Credit Union Darby now has a part-time teller position available.  For job announcement, qualifications and to apply, please visit 

Paid Job Opportunity:   Army Community Service (ACS) Researcher for Camp Darby   Applications will be taken through March 20th 2020. Questions: Contact Mariangiola Miller, 0444-71-5817

The Darby Military Community,, U.S. Army Garrison Italy has CLOSED all DODEA schools and activities until further notice.  The Post Gymanasium will also remain CLOSED.  These actions are alligned with our Host Nation's actions to protect our community. The Bar both on Depot and on Darby are CLOSED until further notice.

Camp Darby Postal Services announces that Brithish Airways flights to/from Pisa airport have been suspended until further notice. Postal Finance windows will be closed until flight into and out of Pisa resume. Incoming mail will be routed to Milan and trucked to Darby Postal Services once a week starting March 16.  The Post Office will resume normal business hours Monday-Friday 1100-1500 for parcels pick up only. Please visit the postal Services Center should you have any questions.

Starting next TUESDAY, 10 march 2020, the Vehicle Registration Office will have the following operational hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 0800-1530

Tuesday and Thursday (By appointment only) 1200-1530

For the next 2 weeks, the I.D. Card Section will be open only Tuesdays from

0900-1200 for emergency I.D. Card appointments only.  Individuals whose 1)

I.D. Cards have expired 2) I.D. cards are about to expire in the next 2

weeks or 3) have locked out pins  may call the MP Desk at 633-8664 to

schedule an appointment.

 Italian as a Second language (ISL) classes ( Tuesday and Thursday classes)  are postponed for 30 days in Darby.  Classes are expected to resume on Tuesday 7 April.

Camp Darby MP Desk(DSN) 633-7575SETAF Carabinieri

(DSN) 633-8711
Commercial (+39) 050-548711

Housing Work Orders(DSN) 646-5116
Comm +39) 0444-71-5116
American Red Cross VMC(DSN) 634-7089
SHARP Hotline(DSN) 634-7272Medical Emergencies Off Post118
Domestic Violence HotlineComm (+39) 335-805-7867Italian Fire Department Off Post115
iSALUTE & iWATCH (suspicious activity/anti- terrorism)(DSN) 634-7688Police Off Post113
MC ChaplainComm (+39) 366-692-8161
Comm (+39) 388-300-8446
Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC)366-893-2454
Camp Darby Legal Office

DSN 633-7227or7920

Comm (+39) 050-547227 or 547920