Management of Special Emphasis Program

The Special Emphasis Program promotes equal opportunity in hiring, advancement, training and treatment of each targeted group. This program advocates necessary change to overcome barriers that restrict equal employment opportunity for women, minorities and individuals with disabilities. The Special Emphasis Program encompasses the following programs:

These programs were established to address those special employment issues and concerns affecting all employees and to serve in conjunction with all levels of management in designing a program that will further the installation's affirmative goals at USAG Vicenza and its tenant activities.


Special Emphasis Program objectives:


Preparation and Implementation of Management Directive

This Directive provides policy guidance and standards for establishing and maintaining effective affirmative programs of equal employment opportunity under Section 717 of Title VII and effective affirmative action programs under Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act. The Directive also sets forth general reporting requirements.

The overriding objective of this Directive is to ensure that all employees and applicants for employment enjoy equality of opportunity in the federal workplace regardless of race, sex, national origin, color, religion, disability or reprisal for engaging in prior protected activity.

There are six essential elements of compliance in the implementation of a Model EEO Program:

The MD-715 Report is an annual reporting requirement. Managers and supervisors are active participants in the establishment of a Model EEO Program. All directorates within USAG Vicenza are responsible for completing the Management Directive (MD) 715 Supervisory Checklist and identify proactive steps taken to eliminate organizational EEO barriers. Managers and supervisors should seek the advice of the EEO office in completing this requirement.

Commanders and Senior Officials are provided with a “State of the Agency” briefing covering all components of the report, including an assessment of the performance of the agency in each of the six essential elements of the Model EEO Program. A report on the progress of the agency in completing its barrier analysis is provided to the Department of the Army.


Provide Training and Education

Training and education refers to the systemic approach taken by the agency to facilitate the learning of EEO job related competencies. This service provides employees with the necessary knowledge of EEO policies, practices and other available systems used to identify, prevent and eliminate barriers and discriminatory employment practices. The goal of training and education is to enable employees to transfer EEO knowledge, skills and behaviors into their day-to-day activities and work settings.

The following types of training are available through the USAG Vicenza EEO Office:

*Note: Biennial Training Requirements

From time to time, different training topics will be of Command, IMCOM or Army-wide importance and require special emphasis. These training topics will be announced and coordinated by the installation EEO office annually.


Management of the EEO Complaint Program

The USAG Italy EEO Office processes complaints of discrimination in accordance with AR 690-600 and other applicable directives and provides applicable reports. ADR is made available to all employees.


Advisory Services

EEO Program officials advise and provide appropriate assistance to managers/supervisors about the status of EEO within their areas of responsibility. The following types of advisory services are available through the USAG Italy EEO Office:


Provide Compliance and Program Services

EEO Program officials provide assistance in the development of command policy to ensure a workplace free of discriminatory harassment and emphasize commitment to equal employment opportunity. The following types of compliance and program services are available through the USAG Italy EEO Office: