Civilian Health Care in Italy

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The information presented as Civilian Healthcare or Healthcare on the Economy is a collaborative effort from a team of volunteers intended to help DoD/DA and NAF civilians, U.S. Government contractors, DoDEA employees, retirees, and any other civilians and their family members in the Vicenza Military Community who seek healthcare on the Italian economy. Guidance for the communication of this information falls under the direction of U.S. Army Garrison Italy.


The Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) on Caserma Ederle has a mission to provide high quality healthcare for active duty service members and their families. The MTF priority of care is as follows:

Priority 1: Active-duty service members
Priority 2: Active-duty family members enrolled in TRICARE Prime
Priority 3: Retirees, their family members and survivors who are enrolled in TRICARE Plus
Priority 4: Active-duty family members who are not enrolled in TRICARE Prime
Priority 5: All other TRICARE eligible persons
Priority 6: Non-TRICARE eligible persons (e.g. general schedule federal employees, AAFES and DoDEA civilian employees)

The MTF on Caserma Ederle MAY provide care to priority 6 individuals on an extremely limited space-available basis. Space available services can only treat minor, non-recurring health issues. Chronic health problems (such as diabetes, hypertension and other major ailments) must be managed carefully by a primary care provider on the economy for continuity of care and patient safety.

What does Space Availability mean?

According to the Vicenza Army Health Clinic:  Space Available (Space-A) care simply means that if an appointment Is available and not already booked by a patient empaneled to the clinic, then a beneficiary in Categories four through six may be seen in that appointment slot. If all appointments are booked or are otherwise unavailable, then space-available patients must seek treatment in a host-nation facility.

Space-A appointments can also only be offered to patients with health insurance, allowing TRICARE to bill their particular health insurance provider for services rendered. Non-TRICARE beneficiaries with no health insurance are not permitted care at the USAHC-Vicenza in accordance with DODI 6015.

Treatment on a space-available basis does not allow for continuous management of chronic health problems.  Army MTFs in Europe will not treat chronic health problems during space-available appointments.  Chronic health problems such as diabetes and hypertension must be managed carefully by a primary care provider for continuity of care and patient safety.  Episodic health issues can be seen at an MTF in a space-available appointment for treatment of that specific episodic health issue. Examples of episodic health issues include sore throat, upset stomach orurinary tract infection.

Patient Liaisons are non-medical employees of the MTF who assist Service Members and their Families in host-nation facilities.  They are able to help non-TRICARE beneficiaries on a space-available basis. 


This website was created for civilian U.S. Army employees and their family members in the Vicenza Military Community to provide information regarding how to obtain health care in Italy. This information does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the listed providers or services. The creators of this website are not liable for any adverse outcomes related to the use of information listed on this website to include information obtained via links.