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The Fort Irwin Garrison Safety Office objective is to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of everyone within the installation through the use and proper implementation of the Army Safety and Occupational  Health Management Systems (ASOHMS). The Garrison Safety Office also manages the installation Army Traffic Safety Training Program and Motorcycle Safety Training.


USAG Safety Board

Safety and Occupational Health Policy Statement

GSO Team

Safety and Occupational Health Program

Safety and Occupational Health Goals and Objectives for Current Fiscal Year

Occupational Safety and Health Protection for Employees of the Department of Defense

Accident Severity Classification Cost Thresholds and Recording of Injury and Fatality Costs

IMCOM Policy Letter: Rights of Soldiers/Employees to Present Complaints or Request Assistance to the IG

NTC and Fort Irwin Command Motorcycle Program

Risk Management and Risk Decision Policy

Accident Reporting and Recording Policy Memorandum

Safety Awards and Recognition Program

USAG Fort Irwin Safety Grams

Designated Off Limits Areas and Establishments

Weingarten Rights