The top priority of the the Garrison Safety Office is to safeguard and protect service members, their families, civilian employees and Army property, as well as to create the safest workplace and living environment possible. Safety office personnel advise, audit and assist commanders and managers in executing their safety and occupational health program in order to protect the mission, prevent injury and damage, comply with the law and limit liability. The safety office also manages the installation Army Traffic Safety Training Program.

Location:  Building 1204, Normandy Drive

Fillable Form: I think my workplace is unsafe.

Phone Numbers:      
Director: 380-1347
Safety Specialists: 380-6154/6024
Traffic Safety: 380-7708 

Army Traffic Safety Training Program:
Information Letter: (Link)
NTC Policy Letter 18 - Command Motorcycle Training Program: (Link)
Link to Registration Website

Fort Irwin Local Hazards:
Link to Video:
Local Hazards Training Certificate (Link)



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