Mission: The mission of the ASD is to provide customer assistance to the community in the areas of installation level postal services, freedom of information act(FOIA), privacy act(PA), and civil liberties(CL), installation publications and forms/publications account management, and installation records management/Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS).

Mailing Address:
Commander, United States Army Garrison
P.O Box 105020   ATTN: FOIA/PA Office
Building 452 with Avenue G & 3rd Street
Fort Irwin, CA 92310

Contact Information:
(760) 380-4540
(760) 380-7435
(Virginia.i.kemp.civ@army.mil) (isaac.m.padilla.civ@army.mil)

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 0900-1600
Thursday:  1300-1600
Closed on all Federal Holidays.
Closed intermittently for mandatory training and other administrative matters.

Postal Services - Central Mailroom(CMR)
Building 306,  Langford Lake Road, 
CMR Manager (760) 380-3725.  COR/Tech Rep – (760) 380-7435
•Delivery of official mail though mail receptacles
•Management of official mail fund expenditures
•Inspection of unit mailroom operations

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act/Civil Liberties – (760) 380-4540
•Receive and respond to FOIA requests IAW FOIA exemptions
•Receive and respond to PA and CL complaints

Publications and Forms/Pubs Account Management – (760) 380-7435
•Create/design installation forms
•Review, edit, and publish installation publications
•Manage Army pubs/forms ordering accounts

Records Management – (760) 380-4540/7435
•Provide ARIMS assistance
•Provide Army records management guidance
Manage installation office symbols

Frequently Requested Sites and Information:
FOIA Example Letter or FOIA/PA Request Form
OPM Background Investigation Records
Department of the Army Contracting Records
For Fort Irwin contracting records, send FOIA Request to:

  • U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command(MICC)
  • ATTN: FOIA Officer 2219 Infantry Post Road Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234-1361
  • usarmy.jbsa.acc-micc.mbx.foia@army.mil

U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Records
U.S. Army FOIA Library/Privacy Act Office
Reading Room-U.S. Army Records
Veterans Service Records (including Medical/Dental Records)

  • Employment Verification is not a function of the FOIA/PA ASD Office.

  • Copies of records are not maintained by the FOIA/PA ASD Office.

  • Requests for copies of Fort Irwin Military Police Reports may be obtained by completing and submitting the FOIA Example Letter or FOIA/PA Request Form contained within this website.