Department of the Army Installation Management Career Program (CP-29) Developmental Assignment Program

The CP29 Developmental Assignment Program (DAP) is a competitive professional development opportunity open to CP29 careerists who have demonstrated exceptional character, commitment and leadership potential. Selectees will be matched with a developmental assignment (up to 90 days in length) within another Installation Management functional area and/or location that will help them gain skills and experience necessary to make greater contributions within the Installation Management profession. The CP29 DAP is operated under the guidance of the Chief, Functional Chief Representative (FCR), Office of the FCR and Chief, Career Program Manager CP29 Proponency Office.

Who may apply: Current permanent, full- time U.S. Army civilian employees, assigned to the Installation Management Career Program (CP-29), who meet the following criteria:

  • GS-09 through GS-13 (or NAF equivalent)
  • Completed Civilian Education System (CES) requirements or may submit an exception to policy with justification
  • Held a permanent Army Civilian position, or combination of permanent Army Civilian positions, for a total of three (3) or more years at time of application


  • Completed application form approved by your supervisor and Activity Career Program Manager (ACPM)
  • Copy of your Civilian Record Brief (CRB)
  • Copy of your Individual Development Plan (IDP) approved by your supervisor
  • Copy of last three DA Form 7222 evaluations with one blocks for overall performance ratings