Social Security Number (SSN)
Reduction Plan for Army in Europe (AE) Forms

DOD policy is to reduce or eliminate the use of SSNs wherever possible. HQ IMCOM and USAREUR have implemented a plan to reduce the use of Social Security Numbers (SSN) on Army in Europe forms. This plan includes an approval process to use SSNs if the use is based on "acceptable use" criteria, as listed in DTM-07-015-USD.

On 28 March 2008, the Under Secretary of Defense, David S. C. Chu, issued a Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM-07-015-USD). This DTM was based on the President’s Task Force on Identity Theft Strategic Plan and established the DOD policy for the use of the SSN and guidance for reducing its unnecessary use. The memo was converted into a DOD Instruction (DODI) 1000.30, which further established and assigned responsibilities for SSN use reduction in the Department of Defense and established a DoD SSN Use Reduction Plan.

Proponents are to review their AE forms, revising and deleting fields requiring an SSN.

  • Any form that includes a field that requests the SSN should be closely scrutinized to determine if there is some alternate form of identification or authentication that may suffice.

  • “Use of the Social Security Number” includes any form of the SSN, including truncated, masked, partially masked, encrypted or disguised SSNs. The DOD Identification Number can be used as long as is only used for DOD business purposes (DODI 1000.30, Enclosure 2, 4).

Upon locating an AE form with an SSN field, please do not contact the proponent. Instead, bring it to the attention of one of the Privacy Offices listed below:

mil: 314-337-3600
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G6
(AEIM-R/Privacy Officer)
Unit 29351
APO AE 09014-9351
E-mail: HQ USAREUR Privacy Officer
mil: 314-544-1470
Military Personnel Branch, OACoS, G1
Unit 23103
APO AE 09136-3103
E-Mail: HQ IMCOM-Europe Privacy Officer

The applicable Privacy Office will follow the steps of the SSN Reduction Plan to work with the proponent. Proponents that need assistance reformatting their forms should contact Forms Management at mil 314-544-1445 or by E-Mail.

SSN Reduction Documents:
  1. DOD Instruction 1000.30, AUG 2012
  2. DD FORM 67, FEB 2008
  3. SSN Justification Memo (SAMPLE Word Document)