AE Reg 600-1, Regulated Activities in Europe, 30 Nov 07, Par. 26 d states that "personnel will not use or ignite fireworks or flares on places under the control of the US Army

Private use off Post: Class III and IV fire works will only be performed by a licensed contractor except those items required for the military mission. For Private use off post please follow these guidelines:

  • Indoor fire works (table flares etc.) is not authorized in the AOR of IMCOM-EUROPE.
  • Check which items are approved by your military Fire Department.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 50 ft. to the next building.
  • Ensure, that the firing area is free of brushwork and shrubs.
  • Do not store fireworks in government buildings.
  • Ensure all children are supervised.
  • Children and spectators should maintain a minimum distance of 50 ft. to fireworks (check if manufacturer requirements are more stringent).
  • Read instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully and follow them. If instructions are not in English ask a salesperson to translate them. If you have no means to understand the instructions do not purchase the fireworks.
  • Purchase only tested and labeled fireworks. Fireworks imported from outside European Union are usually not approved. Possessing such items violates Host Nation laws and will cause criminal prosecution by Host Nation Agencies.