AE Reg 55-1

United States Army Motor Vehicle Operations on Public Roads:
This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for operating military vehicles on public roads in Europe



AE Reg 190-1

Driver & Vehicle Requirements & the Installation Traffic Code, U.S. Forces, Germany:
Provides POV vehicle (auto, motorcycle, & , pedestrians and recreational like bicycle, skateboards etc.)) safety and licensing requirements.



AE Reg 600-55

Driver- and Operator-Standardization Program:
Prescribes policy and procedures for commanders to establish unit-driver training programs for tactical and nontactical vehicles, to include testing and licensing, in the European region



AE Pam 190-34

Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany:
This pamphlet is a digest of military regulations, European laws, and practices pertaining to the registration and operation of motor vehicles in Germany.