Home of U.S. Forces Korea, Eighth Army, and 2nd Infantry Division



Who are we?

Camp Humphreys is the largest overseas U.S. Military installation in the world. USAG Humphreys provides and integrates community services, facilities, and infrastructure for Service Members, Civilian Employees and their Family members, while supporting transformation efforts, in order to enable tenant units to "Fight Tonight."

The Garrison has some of the US Army's newest facilities and is the hub for the DoD's largest peacetime transformation program with a projected population of more than 44K upon completion. With an investment of more than $11 Billion, (90% funded by the Republic of Korea), USAG Humphreys has seen the construction of more than 610 new facilities, 55 facilities renovated, 339 legacy facilities demolished, more than 40 miles of paved roadway constructed, and 42 miles of C41 fiber and cable installed. The Garrison serves as the  gateway (One Stop Personnel Processing Center, Bldg. 6400) for the entire Korean Peninsula.  At the same time, ensures the quality of life for Service Members, Families and Civilians living and working in Area lll.

Pyeongtaek Airfield was constructed in 1919, by the Imperial Japanese Army, during their occupation of Korea. With the outbreak of the Korean War, Pyeongtaek Airfield was repaired to accommodate the 6147th Tactical Control Group and later enhanced to support Marine Aircraft Group 12 and other units. During and after the  war, it carried the simple designation of K6 on military maps. In 1962, it was renamed Camp Humphreys, in honor of CW2 Benjamin K. Humphreys, a pilot with the 6th Transportation Company, who died in a helicopter accident in 1961. Today, Camp Humphreys is home to the Army's most active OCONUS airfield and is the focal point for the United States Forces in Korea.

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