Current Members

CPT Ariel Alcaide Commander
Mr. Pete Criscuolo First Sergeant
Maj Christopher Zimmerman, USAF (Ret.) Platoon Sergeant
Ms. Martina Peters Quartermaster SGT
Mr. Vincent Wong Trooper
Mr. Jay D. Hizer Trooper
CW4 Ty Riemann Trooper
CPT Dustin Wiggins Trooper
COL Keith McVeigh Trooper
SSG Phillip Lovato Trooper
SGT Iron Thomley Trooper
SGT Kascia Vigil Trooper
Ms. Debbie Cunningham Ladies Auxiliary
MSG Jennifer Hector, USA (Ret.) Ladies Auxiliary
Ms. Anastasia Virden Ladies Auxiliary
LTC Margaret Mills, USA (Ret.) Ladies Auxiliary
SMG Bob Pinter, USA (Ret.) K-battery
Donnis Davis K Battery
Priscilla Davis K Battery
Thomas Rodkey K Battery
Larry Bowman K Battery
Patrick Dueltgen K Battery


Former Troopers

Former troopers and ladies who served with B Troop for more than a year and left the Troop under honorable conditions may be added to this list by contacting us by email.

COL Arthur V. Corley Regimental Commander (founded B Troop)   73-78
Roger A. Keats Commander (first CO) Harley, Lemon 73-74
Kerm Breakfield Scout Buckshot, Nez Perce, Kiowa 73-85
Jean Toupin Trooper Unknown 75
Steve Fried Commander Jingles 75-78
Wayne C. Trader Ordinance Sergeant (Regiment) Paiute 75-78
Robert C. Key 2nd Lt Rover 76-78
John Clements Regimental Quarter Master Lieutenant 76-78
Dennis Lawson trooper Spade/Ace/Charlie/Buckshot 76-79
Wayne Gunstone Trooper Brownie 78-79
Sherman Pauley Trooper Various 78-79
Doug Powell Trooper various horses 80-81
John Davis Trooper John 81
Steven Vina Trooper 10-4, Boots 81-82
Mark R. Henry Corporal, Sergeant Bishop 81-84
Richard J. Filippi Corporal Spock 82-83
Ron Forinash Trooper   82-83
Richard Getchel 1SG Baby Face & Booger 82-85
Ralph A. Brogdon Trooper Hard Tack 83
Louie Love Corporal Buddha 84-85
Al Underwood Trooper Thunder/Bishop 84-85/89-90
Thomas J. McNamara Corporal Frosty 84-86
Larry McDowell Trooper Arrowhead 84-86
Andrew Lotwin Trooper Crow/Gin 85-86/89
James B. Dement Corporal/Historian Governor/C.J 86/89
Robert L. Phillips 1st Sgt, Saddlery Sgt, Commander Cupcake, Praise, Crow, Peanut 86-94
Philip D. Forsberg Trooper Sam 87-88
Ian Wing Executive Officer Highpockets, Charlie, Governor, John 87-89
Marcel Partee Trooper Trooper (name of horse) 87-89
Kevin J. Martin Trooper

Trooper & Sunshine

Keith LeBarre Trooper Praise 89-90
Richard Wilson trooper Crow 88-90
Gerald R. Burton Corporal Trooper, Peanut 88-93
David Edgerly Corporal Crow, Sunny 90-91
John C. Harriman Trooper Oscar 90-91
Jeffrey K. Murray Trooper John 91-92
Daniel L. Adams Saddlery SGT Trooper/Ben 91-93
David Leabo Cpl, Platoon Sgt, Executive Officer, CO Praise, Travis, Flapjack, King, Sarge 93-97
Lonny Peryer Saddlery SGT Ringo/Shorty 93-97
Rob Maddox Trooper Scout/Peanut 96-97
Ralph P. Delgado Trooper RJ 96-98
Jeff Bequette Trooper Goliath 96-98
Richard Delgado Jr. Trooper, Commander Patches, King, Sarge 95-98
William J. Traub Saddlery Sergeant Stogie 98-99
Pete Johnson Platoon Sergeant John, Stogie, Charlie 98-00, 04-05, 07-08
Juan Villarreal Corporal, First Sergeant Shorty, Goliath, Journey 98-09
Timm Timmons Executive Officer Peanut, Big Lou 99-02
Ernest Brown Saddlery Sgt, Quartermaster Sgt Peanut, Rock, Sarge, Jose Loco, Ranger 99-01
Kenneth G. Jones Platoon Sergeant Stogey, Patches, Cody, Titan, RJ, Riley, Chato 00-05
Frank Huereque Trooper Big Lou/RJ 01
Paul Stier First Sergeant, Quartermaster Sgt Victorio, Hightower, Monte, Charlie 01-02
Rudy Dettler Trooper Peanut, Cody 01-02
Vaughn T. Laganosky Corporal Stogey, Derringer, Chili 01-04
David Dueltgen First Sergeant Chato, Charlie, Chili 01-08
Edgil N. Hector Cpl, Quartermaster Sgt, Saddlery Sgt Chato, Wyatt, Charlie, Sabre 02-08
Chris Rogerson Corporal Cody, Victorio, Cochise 02-04
Jerry Jones Stable Sergeant Monte, Regent, Bandit, Charlie 02-06
Daniel Gonzalez Trooper Chili 03-05
Phillip Shulsky Corporal Peanut, Sabre, Cody, Kidd 03-06
Jay Hizer CO/XO/QM SGT/PLT SGT Monte/Regent/Charlie 03-12
Jeff Boyer Quartermaster Sgt Cochise, Kidd 04-05
Quint A. Klopfleisch Trooper Cody, Monte, Charlie 04-08
Brian Phillips Trooper Charlie 05-06
Rod Preuss Commander/XO Natchez/Sabre/Kidd/Journey/Chili/Regent 05-16
Ryan P. Varner Trooper Cochise 07-08
William Alderman CO/XO/Saddlery SGT Cody/Monte/Bob 07-09/12
John Mark Trooper Wyatt 08-09
Andrew Tehvand Trooper Cody 08-09
SFC Ken Burcaw First Sergeant Chili, Cody, Sabre 08-10
Frank Kessler Commander Monte, Cochise 08-11
Shawn Allen Corporal Cody, Chili 09-11
Brad Van Cleve QM SGT/Stable SGT Wyatt/Journey/Ruger/Duke 09-16
Pedro Flores Trooper Chili 10
Jason Cogan Trooper Wyatt 10-11
Brian Taylor Corporal Kidd/Cochise 10-12
Coty Paige K-battery -- 11-12
Troy Wilcox Commander Chili/Charlie/Apache/Blade 12-14
Shea Redmond Quarter Master Sergeant Apache/Charlie 13-15
Josh Hengst Commander Cochise/Monte 13-15
MAJ Eddie Gonzalez Stable Sergeant Chili/Blade 14-15
SFC Travis Hastain Trooper Journey 14-15
Mike Gerson Trooper Kidd 14-15
Glen McFarland Trooper Charlie/Journey 14-15
Chris Uthlaut Commander Monte/Charlie/Journey/Kidd 15-16
John Payne SGT Journey/Chili/Duke/Regent 13-16
Leisa Westbrook trooper Chili/Duke 15-16
Annie Berrier trooper Blade,Duke,Chili 16-17
Brianna Robinette trooper Chili 16-17
Tasheena Zickgraf trooper Kidd 16-17


Former Ladies

Katherine Richter Lady - sidesaddle rider 01
Erin Phillips Lady - sidesaddle rider 05-06
Lorie Van Cleve Lady-videographer 09-16
Lisa Dzienkowski Lady - sidesaddle rider 10-12
Clara Venditto Lady-sidesaddle rider 12-16
Mary McCluskey (Ortiz) Lady sidesaddle rider 99-01
Lisa Stevenson Lady sidesaddle rider 99-01