The Resiliency, Awareness, Prevention, Inclusion & Diversity (RAPID) program was established to encourage peer intervention. RAPID members meet to make friends, learn about each other’s differences, and share experiences. We are a band of sisters and brothers in arms who have all stepped up to be the change makers and innovators of today’s Army. 

Members meet to receive additional knowledge and techniques to help ourselves and our peers in instances where discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault and/or resiliency issues present themselves. The knowledge that we gain provides us with a better understanding of Sexual Harassment / Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP), Equal Employment Opportunity (EO), along with resiliency and Suicide Prevention Programs and the respective  first responders. We assist in the prevention and promotion efforts of these programs. 

We aid our fellow Soldiers through intervention and resource information. The Army requires all of us to stand up and protect each other; this program further empowers us to prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, depression and suicide at our level. Each Soldier deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and it’s up to us to foster positive environments within the Army.

RAPID members are the eyes and ears of the command team regarding suicide, discrimination, resilience or sexual harassment and sexual assault. We encourage positive norms and provide feedback to the command teams that support us. We are the “boots on the ground” and help intervene when we recognize unwanted actions from one Soldier toward another Soldier.  We represent the RAPID program on duty, off duty, and both on and off of the installation.  We look out for our fellow Soldiers and maintain positive working and living environments free from discrimination, hopelessness, sexual harassment and sexual assault.