WELCOME to Fort Hood Transportation Motor Pool

Mission Statement

The Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) provides Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) fleet management in support of Fort Hood Area of Responsibility (AOR). TMP provides ground transportation support for deployments, redeployment, mobilizations, demobilizations, and installations steady-state operations.

Vision Statement

We strive to provide excellent customer service and efficient support by coordinating and transporting Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and contractors to and from their destination safely in a timely manner.

Additional Services include:

  • Establishes and manages policy for use of Army owned or leased Non-tactical vehicles (NTV)
  • General dispatch of NTV Class B and Class C fleets
  • Basic levels of installation support including Child Youth Services (CYS) and special events
  • Shuttle service to/from NFH for mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers
  • After duty hours free Soldier’s Installation shuttle and a medical shuttle to SAMMC
  • Annual Vehicle Allocation Methodology (VAM) development and Vehicle Utilization Review Board (VURB) planning and execution.



Building 25029, Corner of 56th Street and Hell on Wheels


Hours of Operations

Dispatch Operations       Sun – Sat 24 hours  

Wash Rack Operations   Sun – Sat 24 hours (Closed when weather is 32 degrees and below; wind chill is also a factor taken into consideration)

Drivers Testing        Mon – Fri 0730 – 1130 and 1200 – 1545    Closed for lunch 1130 – 1200

Daily Operations for the below departments are Mon – Fri 0730 – 1600 Closed for 1130 - 1200


                Transportation Coordinator

                Operations Supervisor

                Wash Rack Operations Attendant


How to Request a GSA Vehicle

Organization transportation coordinator (TC) completes FH 56-2 Transportation Request and submit to the TMP office by Fax 254-288-6403 or bring the request directly to TMP.


Contact Information

Motor Officer / COR     (254) 287-6319

Motor Officer Assistant / QA     (254) 287-2225

Operations Supervisor     (254) 287-4205

Transportation Coordination     (254) 288-7041

Dispatcher      (254) 287-2804

Maintenance     (254) 287-7466

Driver Testing     (254) 287-7466

Fax      (254) 288-6403

Frequently Used Forms

Transportation Request FH 56-2

Accident Report SF91

Incident Report

Shuttle Bus Route