The Central Receiving and Shipping Point (CRSP) provides world-class exceptional customer service to soldiers, contractors, and all service members.  Provide freight management for all inbound and outbound shipments for Fort Hood and Army Regulation 5-9 Area of Responsibilities.  Provide small package, less than truckloads (LTL), truckloads, executes deployment planning and execution by commercial truck to locations within the Continental United States and around the world.  The Freight/Crane Section, loads and unloads military equipment, schedules and supports all freight shipments, create movement documentation, commercial bills of Laden (CBLs) for military organizations and contractors, create movement timelines and inspects shipping documentation for line haul movements.  The CRSP provides shipping document validation for hazardous material and sensitive items shipments transported by commercial truck. Provides technical assistance to ensure timely and flawless freight movement of vehicles and equipment critical to support soldier readiness and all military missions.


Service Provided

Provide Transportation Support for unit equipment and freight management to Fort Hood Soldiers, Contractors, and DA Civilians.

  • Small Package

    • FedEx

    • DHL

    • UPS

  • Less Thank Truck Loads (LTL)

  • Truck Loads

  • Unit Movement Line Haul Operation

  • Rail Billing

  • Channel Air Shipments

  • Area Responsibilities AR 5-9

  • Freight Receiving

  • Freight Shipments

  • Freight Delivery to Ft. Hood Tactical SSAs. 


    Documents required to ship equipment through the CRSP

    Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document (DD Form 1149) from Trackerlite

    Issue Release/Receipt Document (DD Form 1348)

    Approved Army-Funded Transportation Funds Verification & Use Authorization (FVUAv3)


    CRSP Hours of Operation:

    Hours of Operations:

    Monday through Friday 0745 - 1430

    Closed weekends and holidays.


Key Contacts

Supervisory Traffic Manager

(254) 553-1921

Supervisory Transportation Specialist

(254) 287-7572

Supervisor Warehouse & Crane Crew

(254) 287-1037

Line Haul Site (Bldg. 4600)

(254) 287-1133/36