Office of the Inspector General 
The Office of The Inspector General (OTIG) makes it convenient to file a complaint. It is recommended you contact your local IG office to initiate a request for assistance, or to file a complaint because that office is in the best position to efficiently resolve them. 

When are IG complaints appropriate? 
Individuals should attempt to resolve fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) issues and personal complaints at the lowest possible level, using command channels before elevating them to the next higher level or the OTIG. 

Further, complaints must be promptly filed within IG, command, or other grievance channels. IG's may dismiss a complaint if there is no FWA, recognizable wrong or violation of law, regulation, or policy. Also, complaints should be received in a timely manner. 

Where should complaints be filed? 
Complaints may be filed with a supervisor or commander in your chain of command, an IG or other appropriate inspector, or within any established grievance channel. FWA complaints may be reported to the Army Audit Agency (AAA), Army Office of Special Investigations (AOSI), security police, or other proper authority. 

Fort Hood Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Fort Hood Equal Employment Opportunity Office 
As the Army advances to a new era, it strives to be diverse and the employer of choice. In this process the Secretary of Army's vision is key to the Army’s future capability. It consists of three interdependent elements: people, readiness and transformation. 

Your Army is transforming business practices and must ensure readiness among military service members and civilian employees by reinforcing stability, accountability, and continuous process improvement. The Army must also promote a diverse culture that embraces fairness for all customers and stakeholders.

If you have questions about EEO initiatives at Fort Hood, contact the Fort Hood EEO at (254) 287-1245