The Command Information Office produces internal media products for III Corps and Fort Hood using a variety of outlets listed below to assist the commander in keeping the command's internal audience informed of events and policies while providing timely, accurate, truthful, two-way communication.

Fort Hood Sentinel – Fort Hood’s Hometown Newspaper

The Fort Hood Sentinel is a weekly Army newspaper published by the III Corps and Fort Hood Public Affairs Office. Articles come from all levels of command. Distribution is made post-wide, as well as to selected major shopping areas. The Fort Hood Sentinel is published every Thursday. News, sports, leisure and family news is covered. The Fort Hood Sentinel can also be read online. To request editorial coverage, contact the editor at (254) 287-9495 or stop by the newspaper office in Room W105 of the III Corps Headquarters building.

Fort Hood’s Official Podcast

Reaching far and wide, Fort Hood's Great Big Podcast seeks to inform and entertain.  It peels back the layers that seperate the U.S. Army from our civilian familiy and sheds a light on what Fort Hood Soldiers and civilians are doing around the world.

Fort Hood’s Website

The first stop for information about Fort Hood, services and unit information is the Fort Hood website. In addition to providing information about Fort Hood, the homepage carries news and photos about Fort Hood Soldiers deployed to other areas of the world. It also provides entry into a variety of other websites of interest to Soldiers, civilians, retirees and their Families.

Social Media

The Command Information Office manages Fort Hood’s primary Social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Units and directorates are encouraged to post events and information to the Facebook page.

Fort Hood Post Guide and Maps

The Command Information Office produces a newcomer’s guide and installation map annually to inform incoming Soldiers and Families what the Great Place has to offer. Guides are available online and at the Copeland Center.

Road Signs

Public Affairs manages the content on the colorful road signs located at entry points around Fort Hood. Information posted on road signs is limited to safety messages and upcoming post-wide events.