SFL-TAP provides transition assistance, employment life skills training and public/private sector employer connection to all separating Soldiers, retirees, DoD Civilian employees in a reduction-in-force/retiring status, and their Families.  SFL-TAP is the commander’s program, the Soldier’s responsibility and results in the greatest success when clients come early and come often.  SFL-TAP is federally mandated by Public Law 112-56 and the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act.

SFL-TAP is Mandatory for all separating Soldiers regardless of rank:

  • Must complete PRESEP (www.sfl-tap.army.mil) and Initial Counseling NLT 366 Days pre-separation.
  • Retirees-eligible may, but those with Mandatory Retirement Date, must start 24 months prior to MRD.
  • Chapters, REFRAD and Soldiers in IDES Process must start when action is initiated by the Command.
  • Soldiers with less than 12 months upon redeployment must start before deployment.
  • Army retirees and their Family members may use services for life.
  • Soldiers may use services up to 180 days after separation.
  • TAP counselors are available at the SFAC for WTB Soldiers: call (254) 288-9766.