Our mission is to provide quality transition services to Soldiers transitioning from active duty to civilian sector for administrative separations, expiration term of service (ETS) and retirement.


Retirement (Enlisted):


AR 635-200, Chapter 12

DA Form 4187 (see below) with SRB, DA Form(s) 31 and Sexual Assault Statement (attached) is submitted 9 to 12 months out of the requested retirement date. If request is below the 9 to 12 months out must have a letter of lateness signed by the Soldier as to why request is late.

Once packet is submitted, Transition Center (TC) will contact the Soldier within 30 days to sign retirement (DA Form 2339) request. SSG and below is local approval. SSG(P) and higher will go to Human Resources Command (HRC) for approval. Takes 6 to 8 weeks for approval to come back to the TC.

Orders and DD Form 214 worksheet will be finalized after approval comes back. Technician will contact Soldier to come pick up paperwork.

Mandatory by law, Soldier and spouse (highly recommended spouse attend) will complete Survivor Benefits Briefing. TC will provide dates and time when briefing occurs. Retirement Services (254-287-5210) is the POC for this briefing.

Contact Retirement Services if you plan on attending the retirement briefing conducted by III Corps.

Pre-retirement Briefing is done on a quarterly basis. Retirement Services is the POC for this briefing. Once again highly recommended that spouse attend this briefing.

Day prior to the start of PTDY (20 days is authorized), Transition Leave if not taking PTDY or retirement date Soldier conducts one on one DD Form 214 Briefing with technician. If Soldier takes PTDY in 5 day increments, then they must wait to the day prior to the start of their Transition Leave for one on one. Schedule the briefing once you have obtain the Installation Clearing Papers from Central Clearance. You must complete Installation Clearing and receive Green Stamp to receive DD214.

*NOTE: Commanders need to ensure they are selecting recommend approval. E5 and E6 are approved locally.  E6(P) and above are approved by HRC.




Commander initiates chapter action.

Soldier schedules SFL-TAP and physical exam.

Submit approved chapter packet to Transition Center (TC) for orders processing (after SFL-TAP has been completed). Must bring copy for TC to keep.

Go to Central Clearance, A209 for memorandum example to clear without orders to pick up Installation Clearing Papers while TC works on order. Normally it takes 5 to 7 business days to complete order.

Pick up order at prescribe date that TC gives the Soldier and/or escort.

 Chapters 9, 10, 13 and 14 must have an escort Corporal or above. Escort will be of greater rank than the Soldier being chaptered. No PTDY or Transition Leave is authorized for these chapters.

 Soldier attends DD Form 214 briefing on separation date or the day prior to the start of PTDY/Transition Leave (if applicable). Time for briefing is at 0715. If Soldier is not cleared by separation date still show up for DD Form 214 briefing. Unit will be provided a memorandum for commander to sign stating Soldier did not finish clearing. Soldier will get DD Form 214 and the unit will finish clearing the Soldier off the installation.

 Soldier will receive bar to FHTX if drug related and/or receives a character of service “Under Other Than Honorable” discharge.

 After chapter packet has been dropped off at TC, if Soldier goes AWOL contact TC at 287-3513. TC will work with unit command team on processing DD Form 214.


Expiration Term of Service (ETS):


ETS orders are published 90 days prior to separation date or the start of transition leave (If the Transition Center Worksheet is submitted in a timely manner 90-120 days prior to ETS).  Soldiers can go to the following web site to request ETS order and print order. https://transition.hood.army.mil (must log in from a government computer on post) or Submit Transition Center Worksheet (see below). Bring to Transition Center

ETS orders can be picked up by Soldiers at the Transition Center customer service desk, after processing of completed ETS packet. 

PTDY is NOT authorized for ETS. (AR 600-8-10, paragraph 5-35c(1). 

Soldier for Life/Transition Assistance Program (SFL/TAP) can be started 12 to 18 months out of ETS date. Call 254-288-2227/5627. 

Separation physical call 254-288-8888 to schedule an appointment, normally 3 to 4 months out of ETS date or the start of transition leave. This must be completed prior to getting out.

DD Form 214 briefing is held Monday through Friday at 0715, B309, Copeland Center Bldg on the ETS date or the day prior to the start of transition leave. You must have cleared the installation to attend this briefing. There is no brief on training holidays or federal holidays. Ensure that SRB has been updated by S-1 prior to DD 214 Briefing.