Out Processing Overview

Out-processing the installation is governed by AR 600-8-101.  The DA Form 137-1 (Unit Clearance Record) and the DA Form 137-2 (Installation Clearance Record) are the two forms that will guide Soldiers through the out-processing program and specify which activities and offices at the unit/battalion and installation/community levels they must clear before departing the losing installation.  These two forms are required for all Soldiers departing on a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or transitioning from active duty (ETS).

Required Documents (All Soldiers / All Locations):

DA 137-1 (Unit Clearance Record)

PCS or ETS Orders with all amendments

DA Form 31 (Approved Leave Form with control number) 2 Copies

Overseas Assignments (Including Alaska and Hawaii)

Soldiers on PCS assignment instructions to an overseas location will be required to have a current HIV test (cannot be older than 4 months from the date of arrival to the gaining installation) and be current on all immunizations.  Once clearing papers are received, Soldiers should report immediately to the Installation’s Medical Out-processing Section for immunization screening.  The medical staff will then instruct Soldiers on the next steps.

Out Processing Procedures

Soldiers who PCS or ETS from active duty are required to receive a briefing from the Central Clearance Facility on installation / community level clearing procedures.

Soldiers in the rank of E-4 and below will be required to attend a classroom brief no later than 14 duty days prior to the scheduled departure date.  Briefings are held every Monday through Thursday at 0900 in Room B112 located in the Copeland Center (Building 18010).  Soldiers who attend the classroom briefing will be informed of the date and time to return to receive the installation clearing papers.

After the briefing and upon receipt and verification of all required documentation, the Soldier’s data will be entered into the Installation Support Module (ISM).  Select agencies have 24 hours (2 business days) to pre-clear after entry is made.  After 2 business days Soldiers may pick up their installation clearing papers.

Soldiers in the rank of SGT and above will complete the Senior Out-Processing Briefing online.  Soldiers will be required to scan the required documents to the email address provided in the briefing slides and located at the bottom of the data worksheet and submit no earlier than 14 days prior to scheduled departure date.  A reply from the Central Clearance Office will be sent to the Soldier confirming receipt of the data worksheet and required documents and date the Soldier can expect to receive the clearing papers via email. 

If there are any discrepancies with the documents received, a brief explanation will be sent to the Soldier explaining the discrepancy and any corrections that need to be made.  Once corrections are made the complete packet must be resubmitted as the mailbox for incoming packets has limited space.

Soldiers who choose to physically bring their out-processing packet to the Central Clearance Facility will be provided information on the date and time to return for installation clearing papers.

Administrative (Chapter) Separations

All Soldiers pending an administrative separation (chapter) are required to attend the classroom brief.  On a case-by-case basis, an escort may be appointed to ensure the Soldier out-processes all required activities.  Chapters 5-17, 9, 10, 13 and 14 are required to have an NCO escort.  The NCO escort will be required to attend the classroom brief with the Soldier.  The NCO escort must be appointed on a memorandum signed by the Commander.

On Post Reassignments

Soldiers being reassigned between organizations located on the installation will not be required to process through the Central Clearance Facility as most, if not all, of their required processing will be at the battalion/unit level of the losing and gaining units. Contact the III Corps G-1 for any policy questions concerning on-post reassignments.

Clearing in Absentia

Soldiers may be cleared in absentia under special circumstances with commander’s written approval.  The unit will be responsible for appointing an NCO to clear the Soldier.

Forms and Briefings

Army Military Pay Office (Finance Outprocessing and Separation Briefings)