Our primary mission is to ensure Soldiers and their Family Members are afforded an opportunity to have a smooth permanent change of station (PCS) transition. All PCS moves must meet the requirements of AR 600-8-11, AR 614-30, AR 614-100, and AR 614-200 as it pertains to enlisted and/or officer personnel.


The personnel reassignment process verifies the eligibility of Soldiers who receive assignment instructions, provides travel assistance, prepares Soldiers and their families for movement, confirms their departures (flights) and supports the Army’s distribution functions. Once notification has been made, Soldiers are directed to seek their S-1 personnel for guidance and assistance on completing the online levy briefing and obtaining all reassignment documents that are necessary for successfully completing the PCS move on time.

The Standardized Army Levy Briefing is provided courtesy of the Army Human Resources Command and the Installation Management Command G-1.  It is an excellent source of information for Soldiers who are on PCS assignment instructions.  You will be directed by your servicing S-1 to complete the Fort Hood Online Levy Briefing to start your reassignment processing as outlined below.

Upon completion of the online levy briefing and/or all the requirements are met to receive PCS orders, orders will be published no later than 90 days prior to the report date "established" by HRC, regardless of the authorization for an early report. A notification will be sent to the Soldier’s enterprise e-mail when orders have been published and distributed to their servicing S-1.  The S-1 will then print the orders and distribute them to the Soldier.

Soldiers on assignment instructions (AI) will be notified a number of ways, through their AKO account, by electronic message or through the Army’s Automated Reenlistment/Reclassification System (RETAIN); however, this office makes notification to the individual Soldier’s enterprise e-mail (.mil@mail.mil).

Soldiers will direct all questions, make all requests, and submit all documentation pertaining to the reassignment process to/thru their battalion and/or brigade S-1 personnel unless otherwise specified. S-1 personnel will monitor all Soldiers on AI until the Soldier has cleared the installation. The S-1 will also seek guidance and direct all questions pertaining to the reassignment process to the Reassignment Technician who services their particular unit.

REPORTING DATES:  The report date does not change on the order because early report is authorized. HRC does not determine the priority for orders publication on the installation; therefore, personnel should be sure to make all arrangements and plans accordingly, especially during the "summer surge" (Mar-Aug) and the fiscal year change over (Aug-Nov).

Policy for the priority of orders publication and processing time is determined and established by the Chief, Military Personnel Division based on the current mission requirements and the personnel staff available to complete the mission. Soldiers and their commands should be aware that "early report authorized" is a permissive action and not a directive. This means all the criteria pertaining to the reassignment process must be met in order for the action to be executed. If any step in the process cannot be met, by any agency, then the action may not be executed. Please be sure to make all travel plans IAW approved documentation on hand. This is especially important when planning travel.

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