To better serve our customers, the Fort Hood ID Card Facility is located at Building 130  (corner of TJ Mills and Battalion Avenue) starting 13 October 2020.   The ID Card Facility will continue to service its current customer base; Soldiers will continue to coordinate CAC Card issues and pin re-set within their brigade. 

Customers will continue to use the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler for ID card appointments.

The ID Card Appointment Scheduler below works best with the Google Chrome internet browser.

Mission:  The Fort Hood ID Card Facility provides Common Access Cards / ID Cards for Retirees, Family Members, DA Civilians and Contactors. 

Temporary changes were approved by the DOD April 16, 2020 as a safety measure during the coronavirus pandemic.  Detailed information is posted below.  Please read through to the end of the page.

The Fort Hood DEERS/ID Card Office is open for appointments only.

Hours of Operation Monday through Friday 0800 – 1130 and 1300 – 1530

Phone Numbers are 287-5670 or 287-2518

In response to COVID-19 the DoD is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all DoD personnel and beneficiaries.  To ensure we are postured to maintain operations and to minimize the number of non-essential visits to DoD ID card offices, the following guidance is in effect through June 30, 2021 for USID cards ONLY:

Uniformed Services ID Cards (UPDATED)

If the cardholder’s affiliation is unchanged, USID cards which expired on or after January 1, 2020, are authorized for continued use through June 30, 2021.

  • Termination of cardholder affiliation with the Department or benefit eligibility shall be verified electronically prior to confiscating an expired USID card with an expiration date on or after January 1, 2020.
  • The minimum age for initial USID card issuance is increased from 10 to 14 years.
  • Continued use of the Reserve USID card to obtain active duty benefits is authorized for mobilized Reserves and their eligible dependents.
  • Remote USID card renewals and reissuance shall be expanded.
  • All remotely-issued USID cards shall be issued with an expiration date not to exceed one year from the date of issuance.
  • Remote USID card initial issuance for first-time card issuance or replacement of a lost/stolen ID is authorized.
  • Remote family member enrollment/eligibility updates are authorized.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for Remote ID Card Actions and Required Documentation

Click here for Authorized Proofs of Identity

Click here for DD Form 1172 (ID Card Application)

Where to Mail, FAX, or eMAIL Documents: see posted address to the right of page

Common Access Cards (CAC) / Volunteer Logical Access Credentials (VoLAC) (UPDATED)

The following UPDATED guidance for Common Access Cards (CAC) and Volunteer Logical Access Credentials (VoLAC) will expire on September 30, 2020 due to the high rate of CAC reissuance and low rate of certificate extensions:

  • CACs and VoLACs which expire on or after April 16, 2020, and are within 30 days of expiration, may have the certificates updated using ID Card Office Online to allow for continued use for logical access through September 30, 2020.  The User Guide below provides details on who is eligible, and whom to contact for questions or problems.
  • CACs shall not be reissued due to printed information changes (e.g., promotions, name changes).
  • CACs that expire on or after April 16, 2020, are authorized for continued use to facilitate access to benefits through September 30, 2020, if the cardholder’s eligibility for benefits is unchanged.
  • Existing and new Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS) applications will be valid for 180 days, permitting TASS-sponsored cardholders to take advantage of the remote options to update their certificates.

The ID Card Office Online is the website you use to update your certificates on your CAC.  Please use the following links for instructions on how to do the updates.  See links below. 

For the ID Card Office Online website Click here:  ID Cards Office Online             

Cardholder Guide to Updating Certificates - Detailed Instructions                                                       

Cardholder Guide to Updating Certificates - Simple Instructions

Who Do You Contact If You Have Problems With Certificates                                              


Click here for Pre-Arrival Checklist 


The ID Cards Appointment Scheduler works best with the Google Chrome internet browser.

 Click here to Schedule an Appointment

Click on: Make Appointment
Select a State:  TX, then click Go
Select a City: Fort Hood then click NEXT
Click on Select under Copeland Service Center
Click on date for available appointments and choose an open appointment time that fits your schedule.
NOTE:  Appointments for CAC initial issuance, renewal or lost/stolen ID Card.  No rank updates or name changes.

DoD Civilians:

  • All data must be previously input through Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)
  • Must have two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification
  • Click Here for Authorized Proof of Idenity


  • All data must be previously input through Contractor Verification System (CVS).
  • If going overseas, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) must be presented reflecting this information
  • Must have two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification (Click here for Authorized Proofs of Identity)


  • Soldiers assigned to units that have a CAC ID Card capability will receive support from their Brigade S1.  In an emergency, if the system is not operational, Brigade S1s should contact the III Corps G-1 who will in turn coordinate with the DHR for support.
  • Soldiers assigned to units that are supported by the Military Personnel Center in Building 130, should contact 254-288-3866.                            

Useful Websites:

DoD Reference Center
- Information on all ID cards,
ID Card Online (IDCO)
- Update contact/personal information to include your email address on your CAC
- Create DD Form 1172-2
ID Card Site Locator
ID Card Appointment Scheduler
MilConnect Portal
-Obtain proof of health care coverage

Information on States Extending Driver's License Due to COVID-19