All Soldiers arriving to Fort Hood, Texas will in-process through the Reception Detachment, operated by Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hood.

Uniform:  OCPs, if signing in Monday through Friday during duty hours (0800-1700). The APFU is not authorized to wear upon reporting.

Soldiers will need the following on arrival:

1.    Copy of DA Form 31 (leave request)

2.    Assignment Orders w/ any amendments

3.    Health and Dental records

4.    Military Personnel records

5.    Military Identification Card


1.    All incoming Soldiers will report to the Copeland Soldier Service Center (CSSC) reception desk (Building 18010), located on the corner of TJ Mills Boulevard and Battalion Avenue. The Copeland Center is open 24 hours daily.

2.   The  Reception Detachment will not approve Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) for house hunting upon arrival.  We recommend you have your departing unit authorize PTDY prior to departure.  If PTDY was authorized, please report to the CSSC reception desk to have your DA Form 31 stamped by CSSC and report to Housing Office.  The Housing Office is located in the CSSC on the second floor (Room B209), and their operating hours are 0730-1530 Monday-Friday.  The Housing Office phone number is (254) 287-4212

3.    If you are arriving to Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, please visit the Fort Hood Welcome Desk located in the baggage claim area. Detailed reporting instructions are provided to all inbound flight arrivals.

4.    Upon reporting to CSSC, Soldiers in the rank of Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Warrant Officer Five and Sergeant Major will be directed to the III Corps Officer Personnel Management Division (OPMD) located in the III Corps Headquarters, Building 1001, Room 126 for further assignment processing.

UPON ARRIVAL:  Soldiers will sign-in and receive a briefing from the Reception Detachment Staff Duty personnel.  Soldiers can expect to fill out paperwork, be assigned temporary lodging (if needed), and receive a 15-minute briefing about in-processing and Fort Hood.

For all other inquiries concerning in-processing, please contact the Copeland Center Reception Desk at commercial: (254) 287-3832 (DSN 737-3832) or the Reception Detachment Staff Duty at commercial (254) 368-1768.