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This 2019 photo shows the U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii Energy Team is comprised of (left to right) Jordan Gillis, Principal DASA IE&E (now ASD for Sustainment); Keith Yamanaka, USAG-HI Energy Branch Chief; Sally Pfenning, SES USACE Installation Support Division (now Director Resource Integration, G-9); Ted Robinson, USAG-HI Public Utility Specialist; Casey Hiraiwa, USAG-HI Energy Manager; and Santiago Hernandez, Energy Conservation Manager. (Courtesy photo).

U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii
Public Affairs Office

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii -- Keith Yamanaka, Santiago Hernandez and Ted Robinson, who work for the Directorate of Public Works (DPW), U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii (USAG-HI), have all received Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Awards for superior service. 

As part of Yamanaka and Hernandez' leadership, creativity and dedication to the USAG-HI Energy Program, in FY19 USAG Hawaii reduced annual energy consumption and produced annual energy savings in leveraging a $43 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). The ESPC retrofitted lights with LED and controls, energy efficient transformers, installed seven commercial scale solar hot water systems on historic and high rise barracks, installed low flow shower heads and aerators, replaced door seals, replaced inoperative HVAC controls in 27 barracks, installed heat pipes in dedicated outside air units and installed plant optimization controls. 

Construction scheduling was coordinated with DPW's Operations and Maintenance Division to reduce backlog of lighting and HVAC work orders. To decrease mission impact and increase energy savings during construction, access to barrack spaces was streamlined by executing an OPORD through the senior commander to allow access to Soldier barracks so that training and privacy would not be compromised.  Status of the project and training on the measures implemented were provided through the BEM training program and the Quarterly Environmental Quality Control Committee.

Robinson is the public utility specialist for USAG Hawaii providing fiscal stewardship over 139 energy accounts and $114 million in transactions for 21 installations. Through his expertise, dedication and commitment, he generated $1.5 million in savings for FY19 and a total of $6.3 million over the period FY15–FY19. He implemented innovative billing and rate measures that improved efficiencies, reporting accuracy, and cost recovery. These measures also facilitated and resulted in energy and water reduction, increased renewable energy and increased energy resilience.

Robinson also developed a methodology that recovers all energy and non-energy costs related to photovoltaic reimbursable tenant billing and fairly credits tenants for energy produced. He sought, initiated and implemented innovative changes
to the LPG and synthetic natural gas (SNG) contracts. He also combined the two contracts into a single GSA Area Wide contract that combined the LPG and SNG rate into a single rate schedule that lowered cost and volatility.

Robinson developed an invoice
tracking tool that resulted in reversal of late fees and increased timeliness of utility payments through DFAS. He served as a member of the Hawaiian Electric Company/Public Utility Commission Micro-grid Tariff Working Group that developed a
fair and equitable micro-grid services tariff that would facilitate resilience measures and protect Army interests.

The Secretary of the Army Energy and Water  Management Awards Program was established  in 1979 to recognize installations, small groups, and individuals who make significant achievements in energy conservation and water management in support of Army readiness. This program encourages stewardship of energy  and water resources, promotes innovative and effective program management, and reinforces the importance of sound investments in energy and water facilities and infrastructure to improve mission readiness. It recognizes significant achievements in advancing the Army’s energy and water program strategic goals, improving energy security and sustainability on Army installations.

The award categories are Energy and Water Resilience Program Effectiveness, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Innovation and New Technology, and Individual Exceptional Performance. The Army has improved energy resilience and increased the capacity of renew-able energy produced on Army installations largely because of the initiative, innovation,  and commitment of the award winners.

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The USAG Hawaii Energy Team has won numerous awards. (Courtesy photos)