DD Form 214 is the most important military document a Service Member receives! 

The Transition Center (TC), generates and issues DD Form 214's (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty), Honorable discharge certificates, Retirement Flag and Pin, Spouse Appreciation Certificates, Presidential Certificate of Appreciation and as applicable, submitts request for Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) for Retirees with (30) or more years of creditable service for retired pay.


** Soldiers of all ranks MUST be in duty uniform when clearing the installation. The only exceptions are Soldiers who are pregnant or an agent of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). Per USAG-HI-58, Para. 5 (C), Installation Out-Processing Procedures.


Required documents on Report Date

**Soldiers "Report Date" is noted within the first lines of Soldiers separation order.

  • Installation clearing papers with the "Cleared" stamp (obtained at the Out-processing Station, Bldg. 750, Room. 102)
  • SFL-TAP Form DD 2648, obtained by SFL-TAP counselor, Bldg. 750, Room 123
  • Form DD 93 - obtained by Soldiers Unit S1 (must be current)
  • SGLV – obtained and updated by service member via MilConnect
  • PERSTEMPO (as applicable, obtained from the Soldiers Unit S1)
  • Finance Checklist DD 214, Separation information Sheet (obtained by Finance Office, Bldg 750, Room 103, during Soldiers one-on-one finance appointment)
  • Official award (DA 638) / decoration or military 40+ hour courses not listed on the DD 214 draft worksheet

DO NOT schedule any appointments on your Report Date.

***Failure to contact or no-show on "Report Date" may affect the Soldiers pay and or entitlements to include the official mailing of Soldiers DD 214 to last known address on record with “Not Available for Signature” notation on DD 214 record.

End Term of Service (ETS)

Required Documents:

  • DA 31 with all authority signatures and control number
  • Intake sheet provided at Transition Center filled out
  • Early return of Dependents (ERD) as applicable
  • Birth certificate of children born on island (as applicable)
  • Approved Command Sponsorship (as applicable)

Submit leave form to command leadership at least two months (60 days) prior to leave start date

Form DA 31 must have all signatures and control number

Form DA 31 with “white out” corrections on signatures or leave dates will NOT be accepted

Per Regulation, a Soldier cannot be on two duty statuses i.e., on leave and clearing the installation at the same time

Soldiers who do not provide Form DA 31 sixty days prior to “End of Term Service” (ETS) date will have orders published with a report date of 2 days prior to separation date

A commander’s memo may allow Soldiers to turn in CIF prior to receiving orders

Soldiers must make their "report date" with the Transition Center in order to properly complete the installation out-processing process

Failure to report to the Transition Center for DD 214 may result in complications with finance and receiving final pay and / or entitlements

READ YOUR ORDERS: There are several time sensitive instructions to be executed. All instructions are in the Soldiers Separation Orders

Separation/Chapter Packet Drop Off dates and times:

Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

**Exception Chapter 10

Chapter 10 packets are turned in to the Retirement Service Office (RSO) Building 750, Room 122 (808) 655-1585


Service member must contact the Transition Center at (808)655-0083 / (808) 655-0175 upon receipt of retirement order to make an appointment for their pre-separation DD 214 worksheet overview or visit the Schofield BarracksTransition Center, Bldg. 750, Room 200

Service member will need:

  • Most recent ERB / ORB / SRB
  • All awards, decorations, foreign country service, deployments and military schools (over 40 hours) not in soldier record brief

Ensure records are updated by unit personnel office, S1/G1, prior to appointment with Transition Center Counselor in preparation for final DD 214

Service member MUST provide source documents of all awards,decorations, foreign country service, deployments and military schools over 40 hours NOT listed on their record brief for final signing of DD 214.

Please see below for documents received after final digital signing of DD214.

For information pertaining to retirement orders, service time and Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) please contact the Retirement Service Office directly at (808) 655-1585 / (808) 655-5384 or send email to armyschofieldrso@mail.mil

Medical Retirement / Discharge

MEB Service Member after being contacted by the Transition Office counselor must have the following documents at initial intake counseling:

  • Copy of the Soldiers most recent end of month leave statement (LES)
  • Both, Commanders and 1SG’s military email address and duty phone
  • PCS orders of Command Sponsored spouse and / or family members arrival to Hawaii (as applicable)
  • Birth certificate of children born on island (if applicable)
  • Early Return of Dependent orders (ERD) if applicable

MEB Resources

For additional information on the MEB/PEB process, pleasecontact your local PEBLO.

Additional resources:

How do I know if I have an approved MEB?

Soldier’s physician finds it apparent that a Soldier’s condition may permanently interfere with his/her ability to serve on activeduty, the treating physician will recommend the Soldier to the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)and the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB),which is governed by the U.S. Army Physical Disability EvaluationSystem (PDES).

Visit http://wct.army.mil/modules/soldier/s6-medicalBoar...for complete process.

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Types of Chapters

The following Chapters require the Soldier to have an escort of equal or higher Grade:

Chapter 5-13 (PersonalityDisorder)

Chapter 7 (Defective Enlistment and Extensions)

Chapter 9 (Alcohol or other Abuse Rehab Failure)

** Chapter 10 (Discharge in Lieu of Trial by Court Martial)

Chapter 11 (Entry Level Performance and Conduct)

Chapter 13 (Unsatisfactory Performance, APFT Failure)

Chapter 14 (Misconduct)


THE FOLLOWING CHAPTERS orders are generated at the Retirement Services Office (RSO) Bldg. 750, room 122:

Chapters 6, 8, and Chapter 10 (in Lieu of Court Marshal).

Chapter Packet Required Documents


Memorandum from COL / CG (as applicable) who is the separation authority with paragraph statement “I DIRECT”

Type and “Characterization” of chapter separation must be noted / selected

CDRs Memo: company command MFR with earned awards and ASVAB scores

Soldier Record Brief (SRB) (**most recent**)

Enlistment contracts: 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 to include all reenlistment contracts (as applicable)

Officers,DA 71, Oath of Office or official orders to active duty

All prior DD 214’s, NGB 22, NGB 23, DA Form 1506 or any other official service time document

SGLI,DD93 (Must be current (within past 6 months)

Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program document (e-signed form DD 2648)

DA 4187- if AWOL, Confinement, Lost time form DA 4187 bringing Soldier back to duty PDY (as applicable)

*DA 31 with authoritative signatures and control number

**Leave is at Commanders Discretion

NOTE: **Dishonorable Chapters and Other Than Honorable (OTH) are NOT authorized leave

Article 15 documents (as applicable)

Command sponsorship paperwork / ERD (if applicable)

When are chapter orders published?

Transition Chapter counselor will publish separation order for soldier approximately 2-5 working days from chapter packet drop-off (dependent on number of chapters being processed)

For the soldiers with an Other than Honorable (OTH) orders are published immediately

Soldiers are counseled on actions that are to be completed and documents required when separation orders are picked up for final clearing and report date to Transition Office

If Soldier is entitled to receive separation pay for any reason the Soldier is responsible to provide source document authorizing monetary entitlement amount to Finance and the Transition Center

If Soldier member requires an escort it will be indicated in their order

Army National Guard / Reserve

The HRC, Reserve Component Retirements Branch oversees and processes retirement applications for all US Army Reserve and National Guard members that are eligible for retirement pay at age 60 or earlier due to the NDAA 2008,Reduced Retirement Age.

To be eligible for retired pay at age 60, under Title 10,United States Code, Sections 12731-12737, a Reserve Soldier or former Reserve Soldier must have completed a minimum of 20 qualifying years of service and has attained the eligibility age.

In the case of a person who completed the service requirements before April 25, 2005, the last six years of qualifying service must have been performed in a Reserve status, but not while a member of a regular component, the Fleet Reserve, or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve.

For those completing the service requirement before October 5, 1994, the last eight years of qualifying service must have been performed in a Reserve status.

Since July 1, 1949 a Reserve Soldier must have earned at least 50 retirement points per year for that service to be creditable for retirement.

Information above was obtained by the HRC web page @ https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/Reserve Component Ret...

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Active Guard Reserve

Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers serve full-time and enjoy the same benefits as Active Component Soldiers. With an AGR job, receive full pay, medical care for you and your family, and the opportunity for retirement after 20 years of active service.

AGR Soldiers are stationed at thousands of Army Reserve Component (RC) units throughout the United States with some opportunities for overseas assignment. AGR Soldiers serve full-time on Active Duty in units and organizations of the Army Reserve, or that directly support the Army Reserve.

AGR retiring from Hawaii please contact your HR directly or go to POC for Hawaii information below.

Hawai Guard Reserve web page:


Reserve Component Retirements:

https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/Reserve Component Ret...

Earning Retirement Points:

https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/Earning Retirement Po...

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Proxy Clearing

Units are responsible for ensuring their assigned Soldier completes the “Final Out-Process” to ensure issuance of final DD 214 and removal from the units Personnel System

Soldiers who do not conduct “Final Out-Processing”, clear the Installation and pick-up DD 214 will need to be proxy cleared by the unit

Unit will need to do a Proxy memo for unit representative that will clear Soldier and contact Out-processing for Out-processing procedures

Proxy memo and "pre-cleared" installation clearing papers will need to be presented to Transition Center along with any other requested separation documents

Out-Processing will issue “CLEARED”, IMCOM Stamp on Installation clearing papers and the Transition Center will mail out Soldiers DD 214 via "Official Mail" to last official documented address on personal record after separation date

**NOTE: If Soldier is not removed from a unit’s Army Personnel System, it may be an indicator that the Unit did not complete all required actions via Proxy on behalf of Soldier

Officer Santuary Program

Information on how to apply and other resources go to:

https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/Officer Sanctua...

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Enlisted Sanctuary Program

Information on how to apply and other resources go to:

https://www.hrc.army.mil/content/Enlisted Sanctuary Pr...⚠ Some links may be (CAC Enabled)

Frequently Aked Questions / Additional Information

When do I receive my clearing papers?

Send request for “Clearing Papers”, 30 days prior to availability date (AVAL date) on official orders to:


ISSUANCE of CLEARANCE PAPERS - 14 Days prior to AVAL/Report Date

*ONLY .MIL EMAIL ACCOUNTS WILL BE ACCEPTED* Indicate your name and DoD ID Number in the body of the email- **NO social security numbers**

Subject Line must read: “Clearing Papers”

*Failure to comply with instructions will cause further delay in the receipt of clearing papers*

*Clearing papers are emailed to the Soldiers .mil email account 14 DAYS prior to Report date to the Transition Center.

If you are within your 14 day window Out-Processing will send an email stating the earliest date will be available.

Please stop by the Out-Processing office, Room 102, if any additional questions.

Documents required on

  • “CLEARED” Stamp on clearing papers (obtained at the Out-processing Station Rm. 200)
  • Soldier for Life (SFL) DD 2648 e-Form) (SFL-TAP Room 123)
  • DD 93 - (updated by Soldiers Unit S1 if DD93 expires prior to separation /retirement date)
  • SGLV – Updated by Soldier via MilConnect
  • PERSTEMPO (as applicable from the Soldiers Unit S1)
  • Finance Checklist (DD 214 Separation information Sheet) Finance Room 103 (Soldiers receives document after one-on-one appointment with finance)
  • Award / Decoration or 40 hour courses not listed on the DD 214 draft worksheet

DO NOT schedule any appointments on Report Date.

***Failure to show or make contact on your report date allows for the initiation and mailing of your FINAL DD 214.

How do I request or replace a Copy of my military records?

What is a (DD 215)?

The DD Form 215 (Correction to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) is used to correct errors or make additions to a DD Form 214, in order to assure that the Veteran has accurate discharge documentation.

If separated / retired from the Schofield Barracks Transition Office under 18 months contact the Schofield Barracks Transition Center @ (808) 655-0175.

If over 18 months since separation / retirement please go the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) Veterans Service Officer (VSO) - Record Corrections website and follow the instructions.


How do I Apply for Discharge Upgrade?


Please visit https://www.archives.gov/veterans for information on Requesting / Researching for Veteran Service Record.