The Humanitarian Demining Training Center (HDTC) trains and prepares U.S. military forces, U.S. government stakeholders, and international partners to conduct humanitarian mine action (HMA) missions in landmine and other explosives remnants of war (ERW) disposal, and physical security and stockpile management (PSSM) using "Train the Trainer" instructional methods.


The Humanitarian Demining Training Center (HDTC) is committed to providing U.S. Forces with training products and educational services that empower them with the skills and abilities required to perform landmine and explosives remnants of war (ERW) disposal training. HDTC strives to continually improve its management systems and educational services to meet the changing needs of customers and the HMA Program.

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Resident Courses

Basic Humanitarian Mine Action Basic Course (HMABC) - This course is to train US Service Members in the preparation and delivery of instruction covering Landmine Clearance and Battle Area Clearance. This training will conform to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and international best practices. The HMABC includes HMA mission planning, course development including lesson plans and delivery, and policy and laws related to conventional weapons clearance. Conduct of Technical Surveys is included as it is a prerequisite for any clearance operation. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of clearance techniques and equipment used for clearance, as well as recognized international best practice for clearance of hazard areas.

Non-Resident Course

The non-resident course is conducted via mobile training team. The course provides an overview of the HMA program including applicable laws, policies and regulations, International Treaties, International Mine Action Standards, Test & Evaluation Protocol 09.30 (T&EP) and concept of operations. This HMA Workshop is NOT a substitute for the requirement to attend pre-deployment training at HDTC (CJCSI 3207.01C) for Landmine Clearance/Battle Area Clearance missions.