To advance U.S. defense and foreign policy interests by training and preparing U.S. DoD personnel and international partners to build Partner Nation capacity in humanitarian ERW disposal and the physical security and stockpile Management of conventional munitions, using “Train the Trainer” instructional methods.


The Humanitarian Demining Training Center (HDTC) strives to continually improve its management systems and educational services to meet the changing needs of customers and the HMA Program. HDTC endeavors to become the U.S. Department of Defense Center for Humanitarian Demining Excellence and the global provider of choice for Humanitarian Demining, Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Disposal and Stockpiled Conventional Munitions training, education and technical assistance.

For more information about HDTC and what we do in support of the DoD HMA Program, view our overview video on YouTube.

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Humanitarian Mine Action Basic Courses: The courses intend to train U.S. military forces and U.S. government stakeholders in the preparation and delivery of instruction in landmine and battle area clearance (LMC/BAC) tasks, explosive ordnance disposal levels 1-3, physical security and stockpile conventional munitions assistance, underwater explosive remnants of war clearance, and casualty care. This training supports International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG), and international best practices. Students will learn small group instructor skills, coaching, and practical application of mine action techniques and procedures to conduct HMA activities assisting/teaching partner nations such activities using “Train the Trainer” instructional methods.