Operations and Maintenance Division - supporting the Fort Gregg-Adams mission through effective use of energy, providing and maintaining sustainable facilities and infrastructure, and emphasizing a culture of safety.

Operations & Maintenance Division Branches

Energy & Utilities Management

Energy and Utilities Management. Utilities - Utility billing and payment Oversight of Privatized Utilities: -Dominion Virginia Power (DVP), Electric; Old Dominion Utility Service (ODUS), Sewer; Virginia American Water (VAW), Water; Energy Management – Energy Conservation Program, AWERS reporting, EMCS Operation Post-wide, Service Order Desk (normal duty hours); EMCS – 24/7.

Contact Information

Utilities Sales734-5145
Privatized Utilities734-5092
Energy Management (BASE4 phone number) 734-5100

Facilities Structures

Work Order Reception and Evaluation – DA 4283 from customers Work Order estimating Contract Preparation and Management – Service Contracts GENCO/AFS Contract IJO Management Requirements Contracts: Paving, Roofing, Carpet, Painting Service Contracts: Refuse, Custodial, Elevators, and other Operations Service Contracts

Contact Information

Work Orders804-734-4152/5972

Contract Management

Contract Management/QAE Branch - Oversight of Base Maintenance Contract Base Maintenance Contract – GENCO/AFS Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM), Improved Grounds, Un-improved Grounds, Snow/Ice/Sand Removal Utilities - natural gas Engineer Supply

Contact Information

Contract Management Branch804-734-4765
DPW-Engineer Supply804-734-4329
EMCS Control Room (24 hrs)804-734-3627
U-Do-It (Skookum)804-734-5212