The Business Office provides support to all internal Public Works customers in the areas of Information Technology, Administration, Budget, Training, Security, and Process Measurement and Improvement.

Business Operations & Integration Division Branches

Information Technology

The Information Technology branch of the Business Office supports 275 government and contractor operated PCs with response to trouble calls, life cycle replacements, and Information Assurance. It maintains databases including commercial systems (e.g. Maximo) and government systems.


The Administration branch of the Business Office handles travel, training, security, credit card, internal controls, personnel actions, and record keeping for 82 government and 117 contractor personnel.

Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering branch collects performance data for headquarters reporting and process improvements, including 185 Installation Status report Measures and 191 Common Levels of Support measures.

Installation Geospatial Information & Services

The Fort Gregg-Adams Installation Geospatial Information & Services E(IGI&S) program provides a standardized approach to installation geospatial information collection, creation, management and distribution to strengthen the reliability, accountability and security of geospatial maps and data. Army Regulation, AR 115-13 Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S), 13 March 2013 provides policies, responsibilities, and guidance for this program.

Garrison IGI&S Services and Support:

  • DPW
    • Manages current GIS system and resources
    • Provides resources and supervision over the Garrison IGI&S program
    • Develops plan and manages implementation of future Enterprise GIS system
    • Ensures the Garrison Commander appoints a Garrison IGI&S Manager
  • IGI&S Manager (liaison to ACSIM on IGI&S matters)
    • Organizes and runs the Installation IGI&S working group IAW Garrison Charter and AR 115-13
    • Identifies and works closely with Garrison Functional Subject Matter Experts and Data Stewards to create and maintain spatial data for the US Army ‘Army Mapper’ program and Garrison GIS
    • Reports IGI&S program measures on a quarterly basis via the Installation Status Report ISR–Services (Service 114) data input module (Section 3-18, Program Measures)
  • Internal Processes
    • Requests for GIS data, Geospatial CAD data, GIS services and GIS map based products are sent to the Garrison IGI&S Manager / DPW GIS Manager using the following fillable request form: Geospatial Product Request Form
    • IGI&S Manager coordinates support for:
      • Environmental or Cultural data and map products with Environmental Division
      • Local requests for geospatial maps and data with appropriate producers within the DPW and other Garrison Directorates
      • External requests for geospatial maps and data with the appropriate agency
  • Priorities for support
    • Garrison Operational and Environmental requirements
    • IMCOM and Army requirements for IGI&S data and support