dpw.jpg"To Provide Quality Engineering, Integration, Operation, Housing and Environmental Services thereby Creating Enhanced Combat Readiness, Professional Development and Quality of Life for the Fort Gregg-Adams Community."

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Director's Office

Director of DPW
Director's Administrative Assistant(804) 734-4015
DPW Sergeant Major(804) 734-5544
DPW Conference Room #1(804) 734-5082
DPW Conference Room #2(804) 734-5094
Fax Machine(804) 734-3474

Business Operation & Integration Division

Chief's Desk(804) 734-5016
Info Tech Branch Help Desk(804) 734-4268
Info Tech Fax Machine(804) 734-5098

Engineering Plan & Services Division

Chief's Desk(804) 734-5059
Division Secretary(804) 734-4545
DPW Engineering Services(804) 734-5046
Engineering Services Branch Drafting(804) 734-5021
Job Order Contracting Branch Chief(804) 734-5114
Job Order Contracting Branch Fax(804) 734-5095

Master Planning Division

Master Planning Branch Chief(804) 734-5039
Master Planning Branch Fax(804) 734-3474
Planning Section Chief(804) 734-5020
Real Property Section Chief(804) 734-4749
BRAC Construction Chief's Office(804) 734-5977

Installation Management Section

General Sup Spec(804) 734-5428

Operations & Maintenance Division

Chief's Office(804) 734-5230
Fax Machine(804) 734-4653
Non-housing Service Orders (SKOOKUM)(804) 451-1914
EMCS Control Room-Emergencies(804) 734-3627
Production Control Branch(804) 734-5086
Contract Management Branch Chief(804) 734-4765
Contract Management Branch Fax(804) 734-4738

Housing Division & RCI Office

Housing Chief/RCI Asset Manager Office(804) 765-1976
RCI Engineer Technician(804) 765-1956
RCI Housing Management Specialist(804) 734-3371
RCI Financial Management Specialist(804) 734-3384
RCI Fax Machine(804) 734-3392
24 Hour Service-Pinnacle On Post Family Housing(804) 733-1558
HSO Branch Chief(804) 765-1597
HSO Fax (0830-1700 ET)(804) 765-1952
UPH Chief's Office (0800-1700 ET)(804) 734-3977
UPH Fax Machine(804) 734-6176
UPH Furnishings Manager(804) 765-1961
UPH AIT Manager(804) 734-3879


Service Order Desk(804) 451-1914
Quality Control / Complaint Line(804) 734-4920
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Master Planning Division Sections


Master Planning Section handles the master planning for the Installation which includes:

  1. Managing new construction for Military Construction, Army and Non-Appropriated Projects (>750K) with the Norfolk District Corps of Engineers
  2. Developing the Real Property Master Plan including land use maps and future development plans
  3. Execution of the Installation Design Guide
  4. Developing Requirement Analysis Studies, DD Form 1391s, and project designs
  5. Coordinating Planning and Design Charrettes for future projects
  6. Assisting Norfolk District Corps of Engineers with Technical Evaluation Boards (contractor selection process)
  7. Ensuring Guidance provided by AR 210-20 Real Property Master Planning for Army Installations is followed

BRAC Construction Office (BCO)

BCO coordinates all of the new BRAC Projects which includes:

  1. Siting of projects
  2. Participating in the design and construction with the Norfolk District Corps of Engineers
  3. Design comment resolution meetings
  4. Liaison between the end-user and the Corps/contractor
  5. Acceptance of the facilities
  6. Coordinating and tracking warranty items

Real Property

Real Property plans and completes:

  1. All real estate transactions and property management activities
  2. Programs for the transfer, acquisition, exchange, management, utilization and disposal of real estate
  3. Permits, easements and right of way for utilities construction, roads, pipelines, communication lines, drainage ponds, leases, etc.
  4. Reports of Availability for out-grants such as leases, licenses, easements and permits.
  5. Capital improvement projects and new construction as it relates to the Real Property/Real Estate mission requirements